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Zero Up by Fred Lam; What is your flash back?

Have you ever been thinking about making fortunes through dropshipping? Have you ever considered dropshipping to be your pathway to success?

Zero Up is a course package that consist of softwares that make setting up a Shopify dropshipping business a simple process and a powerful training program that teaches grat, most profitable products to sell and how to effectively advertise them.



Fred Lam himself has an excellent reputation in the e-commerce industry and has put together an impressive product which gets some great reviews online.

Zero Up is truly useful way to learn about making your dropshipping business a success and it provides you with the softwares to make it happen. If you ask me, is this legit? I would answer that it certainly is!

Do you dream of a better future? Where money is no longer a worry? It seems a long way off, doesn’t it?

How much does Zero Up Training Course cost?

On the Official Website you can choose between two different payment options: a one-time payment of $1,497 or three payments, each $597 (making a total of $1,791). Zero Up claims that the total value of the course is $30,958 and therefore their pricing is still pretty much.

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Zero Up from Fred Lam – is it a Scam?

Zero Up Logo

Fred Lam has been a major success story in the online marketing field and is often referred to as a “traffic genius” for his experience and expertise in increasing internet traffic through online ads. I have studied his Zero Up product in some depth and if you were thinking, is this a scam? I would have to tell you – no way! It is a first-rate software program with an impressive training course.

Please keep reading as I will do a thorough review of Zero Up to see if it is a product which can help you reach that dream.

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9.9 Outstanding

A Review of The Pros and Cons of Fred Lam’s Zero Up

It goes without saying that Fred Lam’s Zero Up has both strengths and weaknesses. I will look at the pros and cons in order to be able to conclude if this is a product I can recommend.


  • You don’t need any technical ability to set up your e-commerce business. The fact that Zero Up features a complete software package for getting your dropshipping business up and running is a major plus as it means setting up websites and populating it with overseas products is a simple process that even my gramma can handle. There are templates included for any web design you will need.
  • There is an easy way to select overseas products to market on Shopify using the Zero Up software. If you have a chosen niche to select a saleable product from, say,, the program can do that for you. It is an extremely simple process which only takes a minute or two. There are so many choices when it comes to choosing something to sell that it takes the headaches out of product selection and allows you to quickly build up the product list for your website.
  • Zero Up has an effective tool for analyzing Facebook Ads. It can recommend examples of ads which are performing well and getting a lot of views, likes, and shares. This enables you to make decisions as to which type of ads are likely to perform well. For example, an ad which has a large number of shares has what is effectively extra free advertising. This is another example of its convenience and how it is designed to make your life easier. The Ad Engine will give you literally millions of ideas for creating ads.
  • Autoresponders are an important part of online marketing and Zero Up integrates simply with any of them to have an immediate response to an email inquiry. All it takes is a few clicks and it will be set up.
  • One thing I was particularly impressed with was the specialized training by Fred Lam. He is an internet traffic expert with many years of experience. The training features over 25 hours of video content which focuses on Facebook Ads and other online advertising opportunities. Additionally, Fred makes himself available as often as possible on the program’s Facebook group. There are also weekly webinars with Fred. These are an ideal opportunity to ask questions and learn from a true industry giant.

The negatives of Zero Up


  • Many people online always claim that the information included in these courses are available for free on YouTube, message boards etc. This is a fair point, but it does not consider the high-quality software included or the years of specialized knowledge accumulated by Fred Lam. Just because some similar lessons are available for free elsewhere does not mean that you can find the whole of the Zero-Up content without paying for it.
  • The price seems quite high. The purchase price is almost $1,500 and whether Zero Up is worth it is a separate issue, it is still a lot of money to find especially when you are still in the process of setting up your business. If this is a concern for you, you should look out for special offers and staggered payment terms over several months which are available from time to time.
  • Zero Up is particularly focussed on finding products from aliexpress (and to some extent Shopify) so you can’t, for example, automatically add products from Amazon. There are however literally millions of products available to choose from.

So, as we have seen during my review, there are many pros associated with Zero Up and a few cons, so I am now comfortable to make my recommendation for this product in my conclusion.


Other Points of View about Fred Lam’s Zero Up

When you commit to undertaking a business course such as Zero Up it takes a significant amount of time and money to study and implement what you learn.

This is why it is worth spending a little time looking at some alternative options. I have given you my honest review and reached a positive conclusion about Zero Up, but others may have a different impression.

There was some useful information on other review sites, message boards and Facebook Groups. However, in some cases, people have an agenda either to make affiliate sales or they are downgrading a competitor.

In Conclusion: Fred Lam’s Zero Up

I have enjoyed reviewing the Zero Up product. One of the fears for someone new to dropshipping is how will I get everything set up? This product makes creating an online store so simple.

There are one or two concerns, particularly with the price. However, I have concluded that although it is a lot of money to pay for some people, the quality of the program and software that is included, make it well worth the expense.

There are so many useful functions that I can’t mention them all right now, this is highly enough. I was especially impressed with its ability to analyze Facebook Ads, special offer coupon creating, and the fact that it gives you a completely automated Shopify store.

I do recommend Zero Up for you if dropshipping is your passion, it provides you with everything you need to set up a dropshipping site, promote it, and increase traffic. It will be a powerful tool in enabling your future success.

Thank you very much for reading my review, if you have any questions please feel free to ask by leaving your comment below and I will be more than happy to answer you. We have to help each other to succeed in life in today’s world, it is very important to feel safe in the online community.

To Your success

John J J

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6 thoughts on “Zero Up Review – Make It Happen

  1. This site is very organize thank you so much for introducing wealthy affiliate because I love also this type of online business because everyone are accepted here zero knowledge at online business still ok, Affiliate marketing is the most fast moving online business its more convenience to the newbie.

    If your niche doesn’t know yet still accepted because upon watching the training your niche will unlock so the best thing we do implement what we learn here on the training In order to achieve success.

    Thank you for sending this opportunity this is very helpful to those panning to build up an online business

    By simply joining the company that offers affiliate program the thing that we consider is how to position our offer by simply with the help of the program just like Wealthy Affiliate thank you so much and godbless.

    1. Thanks buddy, I feel like I have done my job and will always do in sharing the right knowledge to the public. Have a wonderful one and stay safe out there.

  2. Your review on Zero up is quite impressive. I’ve always been intimidated by setting up an ecommerce website. You know, just the beginning of this week I learned how to create one in shopify and was left amazed by how easy it is to do it. I live in a region where drop shipping won’t work and people are still taking it slow to adjust into shopping online which makes it even harder to adapt the business model. Maybe, in the near future,  but I’m glad the affiliate marketing course you suggest as an alternative will always be a backup solution. I see no barriers to it.

  3. I’m familiar with ZeroUp and Fred Lam. The problem I have with his program is that he deliberately ties you into depending on his products and apps almost exclusively. The whole thing seems to be designed to draw you in and get you thinking that you cannot succeed without his tools or his next program. Very clever marketing, that’s for sure.

  4. I’ve heard of Fred Lam before and he does have a good reputation. I agree that if you are into eCommerce he offers a qaulity program at a fair price. Thanks for breaking down all the specifics on this. All the Best. Joseph

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