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Regardless of whether you are newbie in affiliate marketing, an experienced affiliate marketer or a straggling online marketing guru, it is an expectation now that you can earn a decent and comfortable living from your own bedroom and you can make it consistently through wealthy affiliate.

As an independent program reviewer, If you want to have multiple streams of income, online business in the way to go and your ability to obtain skill sets in internet marketing from Wealthy Affiliate is critical. Who doesn’t want to sale products without talking to a customer or touching the products themselves and make money online? I surely do and I have enjoyed doing so for over 10 years now prior becoming as an independent program reviewer.  My job here is to recommend you to the best affiliate marketing online training program that has helped dreamers like you to step into 6 figures business ownership. Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform is one of the best program that an show you step by step how to build multiple streams of income that will free you from your unwanted job in a very short time.
Promoting Ads on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, linked In, isn’t the be-all- end-all. Yes you can reach audience after spending quite bit of money running Ads and make a return of your investment back or lose it all with no return; just as important as running Ads on any platform, your actual deal is to have the skill sets from Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform to give you the ability to rank your product’s websites permanently on top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search engine for free; placing them where people search for specific information of products they need to solve their problems.

Let me break this down for you layers: The first thing you need do is to find a niche. Secondly, with the easy to follow instructions from Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform, you will learn how to build a website in minutes with ability to rank it on top of every search engine. You will also learn how to make your website to load very fast. The final thing I am sure you are going to learn is how to create a powerful content with the latest tools and techniques for finding keywords that people use in search engines when looking for particular information.

Importance of Acquiring Affiliate Marketing Skill Sets With the Latest Techniques and Tools in Today’s Market

Internet marketing is an involving opportunity in global market. There was a time when obtaining higher education was an ultimate goal in any society as well as having a professional career employment title. Although getting into high level of education like college or university is important in order to find a high paying job, there has never been a better way to earn living remotely while traveling or in the comfort of your bedroom 24/7 and most of the time in your sleep. If you listen to the news, you have probably heard a lot about companies that have closed their stores down and laid off workers. Similarly, you may have heard of many small emerging business making quite a bit of revenues with few to no employees at all. This is the latest career trend where everybody is heading and it is critical for you to know and to take your stand point before it is too late.

In respect to the current economic turning point where tech-knowledge is replacing workers with machines, starting your own business is expected of you now.

Truly, it is time for you to step up and obtain skill sets in internet marketing through Wealthy Affiliate and create the financial security you and your love ones need now and for the long run. Put some budget, time, and some focus into acquiring online skill sets in affiliate marketing that will free you from employment for the rest of your life. Don’t think too hard to build a business. You can get a lot of affiliate tools with less to no cost at all. Internet training through online education can save you a lot of money compared to school tuition. I am sure with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will learn everything from web hosting to email marketing all in one place. In fact, they have their own search engine optimization, seo,  and website rankings all in one place. How cool is that for you to be that great affiliate marketer?

There are 4 things that leads to great affiliate marketer:


2-Ability to understand and follow simple step by step examples

3-Interest to implement simple ideas

4-Consistence, persistence and repeat

 Paid Ads Vs. Free Ads

There are two ways to get your products to the target audience or to the market; business without customers is a dead one and you must get your products to the market. You can either begin with running paid Ads where you may spend quite a bit of budget for testing with possibilities of few account disapproval or shutdowns before making out to the market; or acquire a marketing skill sets that build multiple business websites with high ranking capabilities on top of search engines for free. Running paid Ads comes with high cost and sometimes you will not get the return of your investment. You may be successful when you totally know what you are doing and when you really know how to run paid Ads effectively. Sometimes, your ads may get disapproved and worst of all is to have your Ad account shut down. Having a mentor to help you acquire the skill sets from wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge to place your product websites on top of search engines or show you how to run paid Ads properly can change everything in your business and can put you straight into your path for business success.

Taking Action – Saves Time

The longer you wait to take action, the more time you waste; the more opportunities you lose, the more poorer you become, the more opportunities you loose. Putting one to two hours per day into obtaining business skill sets will take you up some years ahead in knowledge for success. There is no worst feeling than seeing your friends or neighbors traveling and having all the free time they want while you are tied up to a 9 am to 5 pm job that you don’t like. In all human aspect, it is always great to have a professional career job; but, it is of greater benefits to have a skill sets in legal professional business that works for you, anywhere in the world and even when you are in your sleep.

Begin with the End in Mind; Have a Clear Vision


As far as I am concerned, anyone that has considered taking an action in obtaining skill sets career in internet marketing with these latest tools and strategies I mentioned, becomes a successful online marketer. However, just as it is important to take action in anything you really want in life, it is also extremely important to continue practicing your skill sets. Practice leads to perfection; and, by implementing these strategies I have mentioned, you are going to be set yourself up for success in internet marketing anywhere in the world. You can begin your new career now by clicking the following statement: I want to start my new career venture with Wealthy Affiliate now.

Thank you very much for reading my review, if you have any questions please feel free to ask by leaving your comment below and I will be more than happy to answer you. We have to help each other to succeed in life in today’s world, it is very important to feel safe in the online community.

To Your success

John J J

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. In my search for a reliable platform to make money online, I came across so many fake platforms run by fraudsters. At first I was skeptical a about wealthy affiliate but I can attest to their honesty and great service. Are there any other sites like this? 

    1. There is no any other site i know out there like what we offer, we are unique and our mission is to give back to the community by serving with honesty and integrity.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article and all the explanation given. 

    This is such a motivational post and full of tips for me. I’m a beginner in this affiliate marketing industry but i can tell you that my best decision was when i decided to join on Wealthy Affiliate platform. Here i discovered a lot of people who help me anytime and a lot of training’s program how teach me how to create my own business. I really enjoyed reading your article and i can say that with ambition and determination everything is possible. 

    From my point of view, Wealthy Affiliate is the place for everyone who want to earn some passive income an learn how to become a successful entrepreneur. 

    1. I surely agree, here we have everything in one place from less cost to $0 when starting. I give thanks to all our hardworking team members/trainers/founders who tirelessly continue to serve others with full dedication.

  3. Wow! This article is amazing. I actually read it to the end without knowing, as a newbie in Affiliate marketing I suffered alot of challenges with investing my time in it which I consider as a major issue for me. 

    My question is, how do I go on with my normal social activities and still do Affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Evagreene, you can still do whatever you are keeps you busy now while doing this in your free time. When I started, I was working full time, but I promise myself to spend one to two hours every day building my business. Four months after words, I left my job and went full time in my business.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have been working at Affiliate Marketing Place for a long time and I have personally been doing Affiliate Marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website. And I think the best place in the online world to make money at home is the Wealthy Affiliate. Here I chose software as my favorite niche to work with, and there are many tutorial videos at Wealthy Affiliate that have helped me a lot in working at Affiliate Marketing Place. Also wealthy affiliate has provided me with a lot of money making tools that have enabled me to take my website to a good level .And I’ve been able to maintain my own freedom to work at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Place, and I can do this at home.

    Lastly, I hope that through your articles everyone will take on a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate and share their success in the affiliate world with you.

    1. Hi Shanta Rahman, thank you very much. My job is just to share what I have to offer as a way of giving back just as I was also served. I just don’t feel good making money promoting products only and not sharing this knowledge with others. As I mentioned earlier, I struggled for about 4 years looking for ways to make work from home wasting quite bit some money for courses that didn’t work and I don’t anyone to go through my experience.

  5. Affiliate marketing can be a real life changer. But it’s not a get rich overnight kind of thing. Anyone that is interested in it should be ready to see this as a real business opportunity and give it the necessary time, effort and attention as it would require a real brick and mortar business. Most people tend to fail in this because they don’t get any success after a few months and this way they get disappointed and quit. Anyone that has the patience to learn and will to give all their strength to succeed no matter how much time it takes they have a real chance in that.

    1. Sweet, thank you. I struggled for over three years as I mentioned before getting to affiliate marketing and I don’t want anyone to struggle like I did. What love most about affiliate marketing is that, you can start a business with very less cost, and sometimes with nothing.

  6. Truly your post is very educative which has given me much knowledge about affiliate marketing. Your post has inspired me to start an affiliate. you have taught me how to start step by step and how to select a niche. I think your suggestion will help me to earn much. I want to share this article with my friends to help them. I. think your article is enough to start affiliate.

    Thanks for your post.  

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  8. Thank you very much for this blog, it has really changed my way of thinking from employment to business mindset. I have to develop a career with different skill sets.

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