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Website url:
Price: Varies based on the level of package that you purchase
Owners: Chris Smith
Overall Rank:  0 out of 100 (SCAM)

Banners Broker: The “Scheme” Overview

The Banners Broker program was designed to help people grow their businesses via paid traffic to sites that feature specialized banner ads of various sizes and types. There are multiple problems with the program, including outright lies by the owners and the inability to freely join the program without ponying up money first.

In addition, the program itself is confusing and misleading to anyone that joins… if they are able to join.

The Pros vs. Cons


  • Banner ads are viewed by huge numbers of people making the premise a very viable and valuable one for most business owners.
  • Program allows business owners to buy only the amount of traffic that they need.
  • There are options to help push members to the next level without spending a lot of money to do so.


  • Several of the payment options that were offered by the program have been discontinued without warning.
  • There are several credible reports that the program has not paid any owed commissions.
  • Ownership of the program has changed with some claims that the new owner is just a “ghost” name for a person that does not really exist.
  • The site itself claims that there are zero negative reports with the Better Business Bureau and that the current grade for the program is a B. In fact, there are six current claims filed with the BBB and the score is a F (even though I think BBB is a scam).
  • The program itself is so hopelessly complex that most people will quit before they ever get to the point of earning any commissions at all.
  • Red flag when a company cannot get merchant accounts with reputable companies like Paypal (usually indicates a pyramid style scam)

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Is Banners Broker a Ponzi Scam? You be the Judge!

I am going to let you make the call on this one, but there are several independent groups out there that have classified Banners Broker as a Ponzi scam.  Here is just one example of a Facebook group called “Banners Broker Ponzi Scam” that has over 11,826 members that have made the “vote” that yes through their Likes that Banners Broker is in fact a ponzi scam.

banners broker ponzi scheme

The fact that there are groups like this out there sets off immediate red flags for me.  If this many people have apparently been ripped off by this program, how many more didn’t speak up after getting ripped off.  I mean, that is enough people to fill the crowd at a Los Angeles Lakers game!

Let’s look at what a Ponzi is and then try to determine if what being offered at Banners Broker fits seamlessly into this classification:


The affiliates and paid reviewers for this program all swear that it is designed for the “average” person with little to no marketing experience at all but that is not reality. First, the program is very complex. To get started, you have to decide what level of traffic that you want to buy in the form of traffic hits. To move on to the next level of the program, you have to have a set number of traffic hits.

All of the sections of the program are divided by various colors. For instance, you must buy a yellow panel in the first section of the program. To move on, you must earn 5000 traffic hits. In addition, you can refer others to the program which will give you credit for traffic hits that you can use toward your next step.

Confused yet?  Let’s look into this a little further.

The Different Aspects of the Banners Broker System

There are three different aspects of this program, the publish, the advertiser and the advertiser/publisher combo packages.  I will explain these in more detail below.

A Publisher – Like any other publishing program like Ad-sense, you can sign-up for this program and put banner ads on your website and get paid based on impressions to your website.  Unlike Ad-sense, there is very little quality control and you could be promoting scams right on your website…but chances are if you are involved in this program, you are running a scam to begin with.

An advertiser – When you start an advertiser account, they give you a free block of impressions to get rolling (1,000).  This is to prove the quality of their program, however you need to understand that the folks on the other side of the business (the publishers) are getting paid on impressions not click-through.  This means they can buy a load of fake traffic and earn money from you and your ad expenditure.

If you are going to pay for advertising, please do me a favor.  DO NOT use Banners Broker, use a reputable company like Google Ad words or Bing Ads as you will actually be getting real traffic than can lead to revenue.

Ad-Pub Package – This package is intended for an publisher that is looking for traffic, but wants to offset their costs by working from the other end.  It is essentially allowing you to burn from both ends of the stick…meaning, you get double the rip-off experience.  The only thing worse than getting screwed once is getting screwed twice.

I also wanted to mention one thing about the Banners Broker program.   The training, or lack thereof in particular if you are not invested in the “scheme”.

There is no real tangible training is a complete mystery with this program for some reason. You cannot gain access to the Banners Broker site itself to find out anything that you need to know and you cannot get direct answers to any of your questions from the affiliates. What you end up with is a complex, referral driven business without any kind of explanation and without any hope of success unless you are a genius or experienced in these types of ponzi style schemes.  In other words, if you don’t have a massive LIST of folks that you feel like totally ripping off, the referral model within this program won’t be for you.  

Does Banners Broker Hide Behind a Big Cloud of Smoke?

Customer support is supposed to come in the form of a contact form with an email address but no other information. If you try to use this contact form however the email will bounce back to you as “invalid”. Contacting affiliates will not get you any further assistance if you are not a member of the program.

Becoming a member does not insure better response, however, because there are several claims that people were contacting their referring member for assistance and getting nothing in return.

And low and behold you question the “ethics” of the program.  You will get shunned from the program, in fact you will in many cases get removed altogether.  Want proof ?


(from website)


This should set off some immediate red flags about the Banners Broker program, then definitely have something they are trying to hide!

Get Ready for Some Overpriced Advertising

This is one of the most complex aspects of the entire Banners Broker program. You can buy the basic “business package” for $145 but then must also buy three purple level packages and eleven yellow ones which brings the initial cost to $345. There are other levels that you can choose from, each with various requirements that must be complied with.

Then there is the ad-pub combo packages that go up to as much as $11,030.  Don’t believe me, check out the package directly from their website. ..


This is shocking and if you were to ever invest into something of this nature, this is going to be a major displacement of capital from you business…meaning money going out the door and never coming back.

My final opinion of Banners Brokers – It Will Make You Broke!

Researching this program is next to impossible (you are probably having a tough time figuring out what the hell Banners Broker really is), especially if you do not have a referring member to get you in. Most links to either email support or to the site’s main page are invalid at this time and membership has changed.

A planned world tour has been cancelled and several of the program’s payment options have been removed. No one is getting the commissions they have earned with this complex and convoluted program and there are many complaints on their own Facebook page about this.


The Better Business Bureau has listed at least six claims on its site,  a fact that is directly disputing by Banners Broker. Their score is now sitting at F and although I don’t agree with how BBB operates, I do think that it should be noted that there are many scam sites dedicated to letting people know about this program.

There are much better programs for business owners to use to market their product or service that do not require complex levels and certain amounts of traffic to be effective.  You need to really ask yourself why you were looking to invest in the Banners Broker program in the first place and if it is to earn additional money online or to get additional reach to your business, there are MUCH better alternatives.

So in finality…

Were you looking to build a business?   If so, this is absolutely not the place.

Were you looking to do something you would be proud of?   Run for the hills from this program.

Were you looking to get a proper education as to how an online business works and how you can create one?  Banners broker is going to disappoint.

There are legit programs online and this is absolutely not one of them. If you do decide to take part in this program, just know that you are (a) getting ripped off (b) joining something that is a complete sham (c) going to end up ripping others off when you have to refer them into this program.

The Final Overview

Name: Banners Broker
Website url:
Price: Varies based on the level of package that you purchase
Owners: Chris Smith
Overall Rank:  0 out of 100
Verdict: SCAM!

Banners Broker is a Scam

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If you have an questions or comments or you would like to add your own personal review of Banners Broker, I would love your feedback within the comments section below (I will get back to you right away).  Thanks again.




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