How To Start A Business Online – Take Your Bakery Online

How To Start An Online Bakery; Or, Move Your Existing One Online

Small businesses around the world are going through some truly tough times. In light of the current pandemic, many will increasingly rely on online solutions to make sales. Luckily, as a bakery business, you have plenty of ways to move your operations online and continue sharing your goods with customers.

On the other hand, anyone thinking about starting a bakery or sharing their homemade recipes with people should also consider starting an online bakery. Not only will this start by creating a website that bring income stream during these uncertain times, but it could also commence a sustainable, life-long business for you. You can link any products from Amazon relating to baking on your website ranging from recipe books to spices and kitchen equipment. When other bakers buy these products from your website, you get paid without seeing or touching these products themselves. Sounds like a cool idea?

Let’s explore the steps you’ll need to take in order to start your online storefront.

Step 1: Define your bakery

For every new business, the very first step is to narrow down your niche. Think about your favorite restaurant and why it stands out. Who are their customers? What kind of food do they sell? What are they known for? These are all critical questions for your online bakery.

Your business could be a desert house or sourdough haven. Whatever it is, make sure to leverage demand and look for trends and opportunities in your local area.

A great example is that, after you create the name of the business, then start with step by step creation of your online store front that saw the need for fresh and prompt delivery of your baked products. This will appeal to customers who want a quick, painless solution to store-to-store cake browsing. Try to imagine what specific goods your bakery will provide for the community, whether its gift-wrapped treats for special occasions or wholesale goods for family gatherings.

If your bakery has already set up shop, think about how your business can adapt its product line through online channels. You can maintain consistency with your menu or transition into easily packaged and deliverable goods, such as assorted rather than individually sold pastries.

Step 2: Think about logistics

Another key consideration is how your baked goods are getting to your customers. Do you have all the right baking equipment? How long will it take to finish certain products? If you’re starting in your home kitchen, it might be hard to fulfill more than a couple orders every day and still maintain quality freshness. Baking can be precarious, and the shelf life of foods is not to be ignored.

Start planning which days to shop for which ingredients, and see if you can buy products in bulk as demand increases. Since you are producing perishable goods, you’ll need to work out where to store your finished items and adapt your schedule to the rises and falls in sales levels.

It’s important to mention that some supplies won’t be readily available due to low stock levels across many supermarkets. Keep a list of these low-supply ingredients and which of your goods will be affected. You might consider using frozen rather than fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you’re just starting out, some home equipment you may need includes mixers, connections ovens, lots of storage units and a large work table space. Depending on your projected growth and future goals, you may want to invest in more commercial equipment for large-scale production.

Step 3: Create your online platform

You’ve done the planning—what comes next? It’s time to start building your online presence to bring your food to hungry customers. Start by creating a website as I mentioned earlier, either using a custom domain or web application that we provide step by step.

We believe the best way to reach your customer base is through a landing form, which is a landing page containing an online order form. This way, your customers can leave their details after perusing your enticing menu on your website. Buying from you should feel easy and effortless for your customers. What better way to make this happen than by creating a landing form with a menu of ready-to-choose products?

Other options include setting up in-built forms provided by site builders such as WordPress which is all included in the website building process. Their standard forms offer basic functionality. Alternatively, you can embed finished forms onto a page using their HTML add-on gadget.

Step 4: Register Your Business

Before you launch your site, you’ll need to officially register your baking business under your local government. This means obtaining a license to certify that you can produce and distribute your baked goods to customers.

Depending on your state, you’ll also need to apply for a food manufacturer or distributor’s license. Contact your local council to inquire about services, permits and approvals, and avoid legal obstacles to kick starting your baking business.

Step 5: Build Your Brand

So you’ve finally done the heavy lifting: your products, website and business are ready to roll. Now, your focus is on getting the word out there about your bakery. Word-of-mouth is the most important marketing channel to build a loyal customer base beside your online presence through your website.

Every business begins with a value proposition. What is the core value that you bring to your customers? In other words, what are you promising that will enhance your customers’ lives?

Rather than simply presenting your product line, think about how your bakery satisfies an underlying need. Nike doesn’t make shoes, it gives athletes the ability to perform. Your bakery might sell home-baked fruit bread, or it could give families something to split at the dining table and a reason to spend time together.

You, too, can build your brand in this way. Find what makes you special and stand out from other online bakeries. It could be that your products are high customization, offering a fun, personalized experience. Or it could be that you bring nostalgia onto a plate through your family recipes that are reminiscent of home and childhood. Leverage the experiences that you bring to your customers and your sales will naturally follow.

Step 6: Focus on Marketing

You’ve made it this far. Customers know who you are, what you sell and why they should buy from you. It’s time to expand your online presence to drive greater web traffic and engagement.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses to interact with a wide audience; start with it and you will get ahead. In the advent of social media, customers have taken to online platforms to shop, review and discuss. It therefore makes sense that your next step is to set up social media accounts, each for their own unique purpose. Instagram showcases photos of your products, while Facebook Business is an amazing tool for customers to engage through community discussions and reviews.

Other digital marketing tools include SEO keyword searches and link building strategies. It’s crucial to note that marketing shouldn’t be one-sided. One metric for marketing success is how frequently and deeply customers engage with the content that you publish. Are they leaving thoughtful comments, sharing posts to friends and writing positive reviews? Similarly, you should aim to respond to customers across social media promptly and demonstrate active listening—especially if they have any concerns that need to be addressed.

Extra Tips for Bakeries Moving Online

As an existing business, you’ll face different challenges than newly established bakeries. Initially, this will be getting the word out about your online platform. Inform your existing, loyal customers of your online store if they show an interest in buying your products as a set. Some ideas to do this include online-only offers, discount codes or casual mentions of social media platforms such as your Facebook Business page.

Another avenue to explore is newsletter communication. A newsletter with a dedicated following is a great way to update your subscribers on the latest news to your business. The delivery company UberEats utilized email newsletters to inform customers of its waived delivery fees in the midst of growing corona virus concerns. If any changes occur to your business model, newsletters as well as social media are essential ways to keep communications open.

Finally, consider building a simple website before adding in complementary features or improving upon the web design. Once your customers learn about your online bakery, they will need to be able to complete purchases right away. The priority for your business will be to have an effective system to collect, process and record payments to generate immediate sales. This will further support your growth, helping you shift away from in-store sales for the time being.

Final Words

Whether you want to turn your baking talents into a business or earn income through your hobby, the solution may lie in starting an online bakery business. The journey will be different for everyone but having a solid business plan, using the right tools, and connecting to your customers are all critical steps to long-term success.

Thank you for reading this article, if you do have any questions about it, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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  1. Timely site in view of the situation in the world.  Business owners or those wanting to start a business are going to have to adapt to the times.  I navigated your site and looked at the other online business inspiration you provide.  I never really though of a bakery myself, but then realized there’s thousands of them online.

    There is, of course already a booming industry built around online auto repair over at YouTube.  I rarely turn a wrench anymore until I have googled my car model and done online trouble shooting.  If possible I watch the repair I have to make to head off unkind surprises.  

    Kyle did a very good training on this very subject of flexing to the internet for many established business owners due to the need to circumvent pandemic protocols.  So I think your topic is awesome in time with current need.  I liked your landing on the page of an expert in online service transformation and no doubt you are an affiliate in his advertising campaign.

    You will do well with this topic providing you do the simple things to gain the necessary traffic.  Keep expanding ideas and stay on with JAXXY to gather the low hanging fruit.  Thank You for sharing your site with us.  Chris   

  2. What an informative and empowering article. Anyone can learn from this post even if they are not in the business of baking. Yes, certainly, these are tough times we live in today. Digital solutions seem like a direction that most business if not all need to take if they are to survive these challenging times. Since most people are now spending most of their time online especially due to the lockdown. I also feel that besides the pandemic, the world is gradually shifting to the digital way of doing things due to the technological advances. This I’ll say is a new way of living. Times have changed. Thanking for this great article.

  3. This is informative and empowering article. Anyone can learn from this even if they are not in the bakery business. Yes, certainly, these are difficult times, affecting all aspects of our lives, economically, socially etc. The impact of this pandemic is unprecedented. Most businesses if not all should consider digital solutions. Potential customers spend most of their time online since the lockdown. Besides the pandemic, I feel the world is shifting and we are gradually taking the digital direction due to technological advances. People literally live online now. Most businesses are going to close shops if they don’t exploit this opportunity now. Thanks for your great article.

    1. It is absolutely true Margie, we truly living in a very changing times and everything is shifting online. We just need to go with it and get established online for the long term. Thank you very much again for your input.

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