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Build a business like the Diamond Events, a Luxury Wedding and Event Planner in Greece. You are here, because you have decided or dreamed to get married in a beautiful country. On the other hand, you might be looking to start a business niche in wedding/event planning. I want to help you find your way out about the special moments of your wedding in Greece or starting that business niche in event planning. At this page, you will read a step-by-step guide, to help you plan your wedding in Greece.

Get Married in Greece


Welcome To Diamond Events

There are as many reasons to get married in Greece as there are Greek-style weddings taking place in Greece each year. If you’ve seen Mama Mia and are ready to take the plunge and experience the benefits a Greek-style wedding has to offer then you’re probably already convinced and can stop reading right here and get started.


Wedding in Greece is a dream! Greek Islands hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of the world with turquoise blue, snow-white pebbles, crystal waters and white steep cliffs. In addition, you can witness a scintillating sunset that is sure to make you stick around to see. Wedding at Greece is beyond estimate. Get married in Greek Islands, will transform your special day to an unforgettable lifetime experience. So, take the chance to celebrate this most special day in Greece.


A Greek style wedding has some characteristics which are unique to its location and setting. With hundreds of islands, thousands of beaches, tens of thousands of picturesque settings and a climate that guarantees 275 sun-drenched days a year the choice of where to hold your wedding in Greece has never been more pertinent. Of course, the best period is between end of May and end of October. But don’t worry about the time.


Your wedding event must look more like a piece of art and you have to give special attention to the ceremony decoration, the wedding style, the party and all the details. A wedding reception takes weeks and sometimes months to prepare and plan. It requires the mind of a general preparing for battle and the creativity of a designer whose canvas is the wedding reception place. So, we have the experience of various projects and many ideas.

Legal Papers

Welcome To Diamond Events

The documents required for a legal Civil, Orthodox or Catholic Wedding in Greece, can vary slightly depending upon the country you will take them from and individual circumstances. In general, you will need to send some documents over to Greece, a minimum of 2 months before your wedding.


They provide leading Wedding Planning and Execution services in Greece, with offices in Mykonos & Patras. The company handles special requests from clients from all over the world who want to hold a specific and luxury event in Greece.

They are going to help you plan your special day, especially tailor made on their mission is to provide value for money services. Their passion and love for their work takes them to astronomical levels, they say. They build a close relationship with their clients, expressing their story through the work done. They are truly the Luxury Wedding Planner in Greece and they successfully execute more than 150 events and weddings a year all over Greece. They are an award – winning business for best international wedding destination planner. But the best and most important awards for them, are the testimonials and the satisfaction of our clients. Do you dream a luxury wedding in Greece?

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