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Lack of Routine is not only a set set back to your work from home business, but also the killer of your business success

For many of you, working at home may be very new, and for some it will be something which you have done for many years. There are many obstacles when you work at home and choosing to work with Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform.

Lack of a Routine.

One of the worst traps to fall into when working at home is that of lack of routine. It is so easy to get up later and later in the morning, use your pajamas to work in and generally adopt an attitude which is quite different to the one you had in the office where:

  1. You needed to arrive by a certain time and you left at a certain time
  2. Dress code did not include pajamas
  3. The office was a room or cubicle set aside for this purpose.
  4. There was a boss who expected tasks to be completed by a certain time/date.
  5. Getting tasks done on time was good because it contributed to your annual review which might mean more salary next year.

In the work at home environment these factors are quite different because:

  1. You set the time at which you arrive to work (even if it is just in the next room), and the time you leave.
  2. You set the dress code and there is no sanction if it is pajamas
  3. The office is probably your dining table and not a set aside area
  4. You are the boss
  5. Whether you achieve your goals is entirely up to you and there is no guarantee of a salary rise if you do achieve.

If you look at these last five points you will see why it is so easy to ease off the gas pedal and just amble along in this wonderful world of work at home. Unfortunately to be successful at this type of business you need to put even more effort into your work than you did at the office because you are now the boss, the HR head, the planner and the task executor – in other words it’s all down to you – no one else to blame or fall back on right?

How to avoid these pitfalls when working at home.

So how do we work such that we can avoid these type of pitfalls.

Firstly it is absolutely required that you have a structure to your day – remember at work you had a schedule and a series of meetings and this worked well didn’t it? Well you need this at home because if you don’t structure your day it will end up going nowhere.

Secondly to structure your day you need to have  some goals and these then break down into tasks which you will carry out on a daily basis.

But where does the structure come from? This will come from training and work related blogs which you can find in Wealthy Affiliate. The initial work that you do when you join Wealthy affiliate is  a training called “getting started” and this will help you to know what steps and task you have to complete in order to get that online marketing business off the ground. You will find tasks to be done and these all build to a situation where you are indeed “started”.

Building a Task List

When you are doing this training and using ideas from blogs Work at Home - build a routineyou need to look at what is being asked of you and  judge how long this is going to take you. Be fair to yourself and over estimate how long but make  a note what you think. Then as you do the task make a note of how long it takes you. This will then give you an idea as to what time you will need to allow for future tasks.

Get the idea – you are now beginning to build a task list.

The next stage is to give yourself a challenge which is to say – what do I want to get done today and this week. Write it down and commit to it.

Make  a list by day of what you are going to do this week. Then each day look at the list and decide that you are going to get them all done. This is getting into a routine and will help you very much to avoid the pitfalls of working at home.

The final point is that by doing this you are in fact becoming your own boss. You are now setting the tasks and the time frames – good isn’t it?

Maybe the most important thing that will come out of this exercise is that you will begin to feel good about your work at home business because you are measuring your progress and getting things done – enjoy this feeling because that is what will carry you forward. Feeling good about the business will give you the incentive to get started earlier, not dress in the PJ”s and work till the tasks are done – all of these will contribute to your success.

Looking forward to seeing you inside Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform.

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