How To Start Online Business – Follow The Free Guide

Here is step by step guide to building and sustaining lasting long term online business

According to recent number of articles, you may have noticed that I frequently write about affiliate marketing education.

This is because I feel deeply in my heart that I need to act quickly in sharing what I know with friends like you so you can establish yourself on the online field of income generation or face an extinction from this worldwide internet wealthy opportunity.

Many of the most valuable brands are either dot-com or technology companies. This tells us a lot about where we are today and where we are heading. Our once-disconnected global community is increasingly finding and establishing border-less communications and business channels.

Some readers and business owners I advise have reached out to me and asked something along these lines: “I understand that you’ve been voicing your opinions about going digital, and I’m sold to a certain extent, but I’m lost when it comes to starting an online business and how long it can last? How do I get my preferred domain? What is hosting, and why do I need them? Who designs my website? I have a basic brick-and-mortar business and don’t know the first thing about taking my business digital – how can I make sure that I am building a future-proof online business setup that won’t interface with my existing business?”

To answer all these and other questions, here is the step-by-step journey to take your brand into digital world.

Research, research … and research.

The first thing to do when starting any new business is to understand your target audience. This is something I religiously follow for one simple reason: You need to know who are your buyers?

Good targeting strategy to facilitate your online sales and marketing process will almost certainly ensure that the right audience lands on your platform, whether it is an online business or offline business. You need to be where your customers are and have what they are looking. The digital market is already border-less, and using tools like Jaaxy keyword research to find out what people are really looking for when they make some searches on the internet and Google analytic for monitoring your site visitors extensively and endlessly. This gives you good preliminary data to break down your product’s popular regions and optimize your digital marketing strategy (including budgets when you plan to run paid Ads which I don’t as I only use highly ranked websites, digital channels as YouTube and other marketing vehicles).

Get Your Website Ranked For Free On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft

A lot of people ask me if paid traffic is the only marketing strategy channel you need to set up in order to get traffic in to your digital storefront. It is absolutely not as people are getting more and more tired of pushy paid ads that only pressure people for sales instead of sharing helpful information and knowledge. While I am a strong advocate for building and managing paid ads, a highly ranked pages in ranked website is your power wheel for you online business. I have to be honest – a lot of small businesses (such as home-based food and clothing sellers) operate just fine without websites, relying on social media to push their products. While a lot of them see organic results, many put money into promoting their brands online which cost them a lot of budget monthly to run this ads.

Obviously, I endorse the need to create, manage and maintain your social media presence, but to all those businesses looking to grow and establish themselves online, I’ll tell you that a website is a pivotal investment especially when it has the authority of being ranked. This investment includes all of these components:

Domain registration

The myth that building and maintaining a website is a costly affair should no longer apply in this day and age. The first thing you need to know when building a website for your business is that there are now multiple extensions you can purchase online.


Once you’ve locked in a name for your website, it’s important to understand what sort of domain hosting works for you. Simply put, your hosting is the space you require to keep your website up and online. A lot of things can damage your digital brand, and bad hosting decisions are one of them. Whenever I am choosing a hosting plan for any one of my digital assets, I rely a lot on research. Websites like Hosting Facts benchmark 30-plus hosting companies. This sort of information let users understand the kind of hosting option that would facilitate their web traffic, as well as the costs and included support features. My recommendation is to start in the right place with free trial by visiting here: Web and Cloud Hosting Services

Website development

Building your website nowadays isn’t about knowing programming languages just as you can see from the recommendation above, nor is it a costly affair for which you have to hire a customized development team or an agency. That’s an option if you’re looking to do groundbreaking stuff that requires a customized solution, but for your standard SMB, blog or services brand, you need to consider site builders that can quickly deploy a functional website at a fraction of the cost a normal developer might charge. Again, it is very important to compare website builders to decide which is best for you. According to a recent Hosting Facts study, 2 out of 10 website-building projects fail. This might be due to a lack of research and need analysis – I make it a point to first establish that the service I will use can scale with my business.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, again if you have any questions please feel free to ask by leaving your comment below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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  1. There are many components or moving part when it comes to this line of work but with the right information like what you are sharing and implementing them will help us to be among those who are making a good income from the comforts of their homes beating the 9-5 which I think is really great. Thanks so much for sharing a detailed post that has so much value.

  2. You have made it easy to understand the various aspects of building an online business. With the right fundamentals you can build a sound foundation no matter what business model you choose. Thanks for this info. Much appreciated.

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