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How I Started My Online Business-Wealthy Affiliate Certification.

Thank you for your interest in reading my blog post about how to strat an online business/career. I am incredibly excited and lucky to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions. First and far most, I would like to share a little bit about my journey one more time and how a simple mindset change can strongly influence the rest someone’s life.

Roughly seven years ago, at age 28, I embarked on my college education after finishing upgrading high school as I did not complete high school. When it came time to choose a school and a program, I was so excited but terrified of making the wrong decision. I have always had many interests and a hard time picking one place to start, I loved Business, Politics, Theology. I was encouraged by my peers and leaders to go in a direction I enjoyed and was good at, but how much help is these for choosing a career?

Long story short, I started college and a program that I did not truly didn’t like or enjoy at all. But at the time, I thought it was what I wanted based on the level of approval around me from my family and friends. After having my educational confidence destroyed after just one semester, I knew Agriculture and Heavy Duty was not for me.

Having the desperate need for change, I found an everlasting love for Political Science, from there I knew politics was something I enjoyed learned and assumed I would have a much easier time executing my diploma for that reason. Boy, was I wrong… Politics was amazing to learn but terrifying, I felt lost in my program and didn’t see a future with it in the real world. On top of not enjoying the program, I felt stuck at the college and couldn’t imagine other more years of studies.

So, there I was, now 29 years old with over $15,000 of tuition debt and I was about to change not just my program again but also college… But this is when my life changed…

I took the biggest leap, biggest risk, the most off the wall decision I have ever made. I decided to switch programs for the 2nd time (making this my third program to be in) & switch to a college almost four hours away from where I started. This school didn’t make me feel as intimidated and I felt encouraged to succeed, not like I had to battle to be the best in order to succeed. Not all of my credits were able to transfer, and this put me behind another semester from graduating. I was terrified of starting at a new college, sitting in first year classes as a third-year student…

But after just one session in my Introduction to Business class, I feel in love with the amount of opportunity and freedom it provided me. As well as the clarity that business is for everyone, big or small, loud or quiet. As long as you have passion and persistence.

It made me happy so sit in those lectures because I KNEW I did it for myself and tried my best to only factor in my own opinions, no one else’s. I finally felt confident that I was in the right place and learning the right information for MY future. But after just one semester, I began to feel too eager to start. The immense knowledge I had already been able to take away from my professors left me wanting to start… NOW!

This lead me to a simple Google search that read; “Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home”. Now, it didn’t lead me to WA – Wealthy Affiliates straight away (sadly). I’m sure many of you know of SFM (Six Figure Marketing). This is where my passion began but as a student, I couldn’t afford the obscured $300 start-up fee – followed by $97/MONTH. After the first module, I felt that it simply made you excited and did not provide any hard evidence for a start-up without paying a ridiculous amount of money…

I know right? CRAZY. Who would pay $450 (student pack, start-up fee, monthly fee) to MAKE money?

Feeling incredibly defeated, few days after, I was sitting at my computer desk and pondering how I could turn this around. All of my passion turned into defeat and I did not know if I would be able to succeed in Digital Marketing without the funds. Which is inevitably terrifying when you do not have any financial support other than your own.

Until, I came across Wealthy Affiliates. The training program offered for a FRACTION of the cost; I can testify. Another major encouragement for me was how much faster and hands on WA got you started with an actual plan and blueprint and the immense support from the community. As soon as I joined I felt welcomed and knew if I had ANY questions, I was in the right place.

I often enjoy looking back on my experiences and noting that I would have NEVER found these new overwhelming passions or WA – if I had never taken that leap of faith to choose a college and Program that was SELFISHLY mine to enjoy and discover. I would have never learned the tools and tricks to becoming fulfilled on the inside and successful on the outside.

The moral of my story here is to follow your dreams and your dreams only. Try your best to not be discouraged by those around you, we are all unique and have a unique place to stand and be loud in this world. Hold on to your passions and shoot for the moon, who knows, you may just land on the stars.

Of course, this is just a summary of the hardship, as well as excitement that comes along with growing up. But we aren’t told enough that NOW is the time to make mistakes, rediscover what you love one hundred times, keep finding yourself and your own selfish interests. It is so incredibly important to truly follow your hearts desires.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, if you have any questions please feel free to ask by leaving your comment below and I will be more than happy to answer you. We have to stick together in today’s world, a community to feel comfortable is incredibly important.

To Your success

John J J


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