How To Create A Website For Free – Save Money

How to Set up a Cleaning Business Website

How to Set up a Cleaning Business Website

Setting up a cleaning business website is a great way to obtain new customers and to inform them about your services. It gives your business credibility and shows professionalism in the eye of the potential customer.

Before deciding on your cleaning business name, I would suggest that you make sure there is a domain name available that matches the name of your business. For example, say your business name is Cleaning Spur, you would want to register the domain name

Creating Your Cleaning Service Website

  • You Don’t need to choose a hosting company to hosts your domain/website. Everything is included here.
  • Start coming up with and writing down the information about your services that you will put on your website; you will be guided with examples here as well. You can research cleaning businesses in your area on Google to get an idea of what information you should include.
  • Decide if you will have someone creates and manage your website for you or if you will do it yourself. If you plan on putting together your own website, I would recommend using WordPress or Squarespace. It is a CMS platform that runs your website design. It is also included in the set up process as you continue to set your website up.

If this seems overwhelming to you or you don’t have the time to figure out how to create a website, then you will probably want to have someone else creates and manage the site for you. This can save you a lot of time and frustration over the long run.

What I have learned since being a cleaning owner is that your time is precious and your time equals money.

Your number one goal should be to obtain new customers. If you are not in a time crunch or have plenty of money lying around, then you could spend the time learning how to creates and manage your own website. You also have to determine if you have the patience or even want to bother with all the technical stuff that comes with managing a website.

Earn Money from your Cleaning Website

Once your website all setup and running, you can create Amazon Associate account to get cleaning product links to put in your website. When someone buys any cleaning product from your website, you get paid without doing anything and at the same time, you have your cleaning business exposed to customers in your local area.

Start Creating your site now for free.

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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Website For Free – Save Money

  1. I remember, I was inspired by a success story of a very wealthy man living in Thailand. He’s an American but now residing in Thailand and he started his business at young age, he bought three mops and three buckets, and then hired three employees. Then, he went up to the high rise buildings in Thailand and sold his janitorial service to companies. Today, he’s now wealthy, operates several businesses including an advertising agency and the Thailand-franchise of Pizza Hut.

    If the guy is to start today, I guess he’d start with creating a website for his janitorial service just like you have outlined here. Great idea, and thanks for sharing. Maybe I should start the same kind of business once this lockdown is over.

    1. Oh his Gomer again, it will totally work for you. Every home need cleaning products and definitely you will not run out of business for life.

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