How To Market Myself – Show What you got In You

Six ways to market yourself; brought to you by Click Lab Academy

Six great ways to market yourself

The online marketing can be a competitive place, as an abundance of candidates look for new roles in the booming financial hubs all over the world.

Having the right skills and experience isn’t always enough to secure you the opportunity, you must know how to market yourself effectively to really get noticed.

If you’re hunting down your ideal digital marketing opportunity, you don’t need to prove an excellent combination of relevant expertise with strong communication skills. You just need a system that can unleash your inner sales personal to and place you to sell on marketing giants like Amazon, Walmart, E-bey and many others.

Generally speaking, all good marketing is about establishing the needs of your target audience and positioning your brand to meet with their demands. It’s exactly the same for a job candidate – you must offer the ideal solution; the perfect package.

Here are 6 great ways you can start marketing yourself today:

1. Identify a target audience who are already looking for your goods

Understand your potential products to market inside out. Do as much research as possible to help identify the ethos of the organization and the skills, personality and knowledge they value highly. Use their marketing description and person specification as a firm basis for their needs and try to work out how this role will fit into the company’s bigger picture.

2. Know your USP

The term USP (unique selling point) is often bandied around in sales and marketing departments up and down the country. This refers to the niche factor that makes a product or brand desirable and different from its competitors. Understand your own USP – it could be your specialist training or a unique combination of experience and personal interests. Once you’ve honed in on your USP, make sure you acquire some skill set for digital marketing training that will place you years a head of time.


3. A way with words

Your terminology skill is not important when applying your marketing skill. Understand that, a great business program can give you the key phrases and buzz words that are particularly sought-after by potential customers in any industry. Certain online business programs in specific platforms may look out for particular skills and training. If these buzz words your acquire through your skill set marketing training genuinely apply to your niche, use them.

4. Show a little personality

Don’t be afraid to add a little flair and a personal touch to every communication you share. Nobody is solely a collection of professional skills and customers may be keen to see a more human side. Your interests, passions and personal skills will be part of the whole package- so don’t forget to market yourself as a well-rounded individual.

5. Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep up-to-date with any developments and news in your industry to ensure your knowledge is always relevant and well-informed. Read industry publications, influential blogs and websites – you may find they help to inform your answers or provide discussion points when it comes to the digital marketing today.

6. Web savvy

The web has made it easier than ever to promote yourself. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, face book, Pinterest, Snapchat, twitter and many others now give you direct, accessible channels of communication through which to network and uncover new opportunities.

Thank you for reading my blog, if you do have any questions about my blog, or you have any other questions relating to digital marketing, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “How To Market Myself – Show What you got In You

  1.  I’ve sold various products and services over the course of my career but the most important commodity I’ve ever sold is myself. It’s an advantage to be social and to be use words as well. However, I believe these are skills that can be honed over time. Once I got the hang of it, I’ve had a fantastic time selling myself and my skills. 

    1. Yes and we are indeed priceless commodities buddy. Nothing can replace a human mind and this stays unchanged for generations from now on. Thank you for your remarks.

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