How To Turn Hobby Into A Business – Get Some Tips

You can turn your hobby in to Money Making opportunities! Get ready to learn how to make money from home, the perfect solution for conquering financial blues!

This week’s episode features Francisca Osman, born in Moscow. Her parents moved there in 1989 to start a Jewish community. She attended music school and then furthered her education in Israel and Touro College. A woman of many talents, Francisca sings, performs, produces albums, and more recently, a podcast, and is currently coaching others on how to make money off their talents. To that end, she guides individuals with skills and creativity, walking them through the necessary steps to take their talent to the next level, the financial world.

Leah wanted to hear more about how Francisca goes about achieving this, especially during challenging times when so many are cooped up at home with most financial avenues off-limits to them.

Leah Asked:

If someone loves to bake fancy cupcakes, it’s quite clear that they should sell these to make money. However, if someone is not focused, how would they figure out what contribution they could make and how to accomplish that?

Francisca responded:

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life! Make a list and write all the things you love doing or what others say you’re good at doing, and include any skills you have. Brainstorm! Some ideas could be organizing, writing, negotiating, translating, designing, or editing. First start with the skills you have, which may not necessarily lead to dream jobs. Hopefully, you can create a large list and then match things that are needed by people. Are you better at providing a service or a product? Categories of services can include teaching an instrument, language, or providing an experience for somebody. Anything you know how to do, you can potentially create a business teaching others that skill. You can provide an experience, create a class, or a performance. Better yet, you can build a website in less than 30 minutes and put links of products connected to what you love doing most and share with your followers; thus, making sales and commission doing nothing.

If you’re good at creating or sewing, a new product, which is currently very needed, is masks, which can be made to coordinate clothing or headbands. Decide whether you will be a service provider or a product provider. A service provider is more lucrative unless you have a factory in your backyard. There is a platform called, which connects service providers with people who need those services. Such services could include anything, from writing, web design, marketing, audio work, video editing, language, or instrument learning. If you are handy, people are at home noticing eyesores in their homes. Because of Covid-19, you may not be able to make a house call, so you can walk people through certain procedures and create a DIY business. If you are into designing, you can perhaps be a remote designer by seeing people’s homes over FaceTime/Skype/Zoom and making suggestions. You can then send them links to items they can purchase to upgrade their look, hence making money again. Just as simple as it sounds.

Leah continues:

Someone who is a consultant to companies, who spent so much time and money on website designing. When I asked her how she got her clients, she didn’t know, and then she figured out it was from corporate conferences which she attended! She realized she had to go to more of these conferences instead of wasting her efforts in other areas.

Francisca weighs in: You can get clients or ideas from your community website Next Door; it doesn’t have to come from major international websites.

Leah inquires:

If I saw a text about an interior designer, it may not resonate with me. However, if someone sent me a professional-looking flyer, it would make a larger impression on me. How do you do this inexpensively?

Francisca shares: If you’re offering a service, you can outsource to a service provider, such as You can even get ideas by looking through the categories they offer on their website. Call the service you are providing by three different titles, to see which one sells the best. It can be the same service or three different services; try it out! You can advertise to record a song, produce a song, mix a song, or even to re-do a demo. Put your bait out on different platforms: Facebook, Next Door, Newsletters, or find your own online platform. Check out what others are doing to get ideas. You can use Zaaxy to find better keywords that make people find your business easily on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engine sites.

Leah asked:

Lots of people aren’t social media savvy, so what is the least tech-savvy idea that people can incorporate?

Francisca answered: You can find clients by posting one sentence on your Facebook timeline. It’s that simple!

Leah wanted to know:

Does charge you?

Francisca responded:

They take a percentage of what you make from the advertisements. They will release the money to you after your clients are satisfied.

Leah wanted to know more:

How do you manage all the potential business you’re getting?

Francisca offered options: Create a calendar, which you post online with your availabilities, taking into consideration the different time zones. If you’re doing something on your own, you can utilize Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. If you only have a limited amount of hours a week, then try charging more money for your services. It’s a smaller demand, but people really want it, even though they’re fewer. Another idea is that instead of doing endless weekly music lessons, you can master a certain technique in 3-6 months and become a specialist and can then sell your services as a coach. An example of musical coaching is when someone who wants to learn certain violin techniques or master certain musical production skills can be matched up on with a teacher who can deliver high-yielding results and transformative learning experiences. Demand for teaching and coaching increases as people are home during the COVID-19 lock down!

Leah was curious:

How do people deal with their emotions if they don’t think they’re good enough to accomplish this? How do you coach people to not sabotage themselves?

Francisca responded: Just go back to your list and see what you’re good at and what others suggested you’re good at! It’s not just about what I want to do; it’s more about how I can help people with what I know how to do!

An Instagram follower wanted to know:

How can people manage all this with little children home all day who need attention?

Francisca shared: Work at night, early in the morning, or during your child’s nap time. It’s a juggle, but it can be done! You can offer a service of reading stories to children. This way you can make money while keeping your own children busy as they sit in front of you while you’re reading. I learned Hebrew by conversing with a 6-year-old, whose mother probably needed a break and wanted her child to be productive. You can even bake with your own children and demonstrate your techniques on-line. Additionally, people want to exercise while the gyms are closed, so you offer a workout class and include your children in that as well! The most important thing is obviously website to get your message to the masses

Leah was curious:

Why would people want to pay, when YouTube is free?

Francisca weighed in: YouTube isn’t an interactive platform. It’s often hard for people to learn how to do something when they can’t interact with the “teacher”, ask questions, etc. By using, you can interact with the people who hire you and can answer any questions, which may come up. People usually quit on-line courses due to lack of interaction. God gave us all talents and gifts, which others can benefit from. You need confidence and you need to believe in yourself. Positive self-talk is important. Being there for others is a great way to build self-esteem. Start with something simple. Before you try it, you may be terrified, but once you get going, you will amaze yourself!

Leah ended with a power punch:

Once you make your first dollar, you will want to keep doing it. It will automatically increase the level of your confidence in what you are doing. So just try it and don’t worry so much about whether it will make you money or not. Put your talents out there, and soon enough you will start seeing the dividends add up!

Thank you for reading this article, if you do have any questions about it, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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2 thoughts on “How To Turn Hobby Into A Business – Get Some Tips

  1. Very insightful content. I think it’s difficult for someone that has no skills to make money online, especially on fiver. 

    When I first started to offer web design service on fiver, I got little to know attention. So, I thought maybe I don’t know how to promote my git, though I shared it on many social medial. 

    Now, I decided to build on my skills and go back again. I’ve just completed some online courses on web development, and on my way to learn javascript. Hopefully, I will be able to get more client when I’m done.

    I love the conclusion by leah. I pray I will land my first client someday.

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. you will definitely land on many clients especially if you have the website we build here.

      Thank you for your comment, have a nice one.

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