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how to make money with wealthy affiliate

On this blog, you will learn how to make money online step by step.

Are you tired of the quick rich schemes?

Are you tired of the super star marketers and gurus who never tell you the truth on how exactly they make money online?

Or you are just tired of wasting your time for cents or strategies that never work?

Many individuals I recommend through this site were tired as well and ready to give up after trying for few years.

Whenever I recommend anyone to joined platforms like affiliate marketing community; they said, it is always the first time they learn a strategy that works for them. I personally have been applying these affiliate marketing strategies over and over again and they always work.

Do not get me wrong. There are many ways to make money online. But I can show you only the one that gives me the best results in terms of doing it myself or recommending to friends like you.

Table of Contents

  • What I Do To Make Money Online
  • How to find your niche
  • Build A Website
  • Get Traffic
  • Find low competition keywords:
  • Create the content:
  • Share your content and get engagement:
  • Make Money
  • Next Steps
  • The Fastest Way To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
  • Final Thoughts


Here is something that will get your attention. On the image below, you can see how a $2k payday looks like.

Clickbank sales

I do not guarantee any results. I just want to show you the potential of this simple process you will learn below.

Next, it’s up to you to follow the steps and use the resources of this guide.

Here are the steps you can learn on the affiliate community platform:

  • Find a niche
  • Build a website
  • Get traffic
  • Make Money

We can break these four steps into smaller simple and achievable tasks which you can see below. By completing these tasks, they will help you to take action and learn faster.


A niche is just an audience or a group of people. For example, the people who want to lose weight is a group of people.

There are two simple questions you can make to yourself to choose your niche:

Are you interested in learning about a specific topic?

Are there other people who are interested in the same topic?

The weight loss and the make money online niche are some obvious ones that many people want to get into them.

You can find some other niche ideas below:

  • Any sport
  • Playing an instrument
  • Avoiding a health issue
  • Self-help
  • Stop smoking
  • A hobby
  • Online business
  • Social media
  • and more

Many marketers help people in more than one niche. You can always pick up another niche later. Just choose one and go to the next step.


I will not get into technical details here. You can find anywhere on the internet how you can create a website. I suggest following the training on this affiliate community platform. It takes literally 30 seconds or little more to build a website.

I have built all my sites on Wealthy Affiliate. This is what I suggest to anyone you want to follow this guide.

On the next step, we will use another tool of Wealthy Affiliate.


On this step, you can understand how and why this method works.

The best source of traffic for your website is the free organic traffic from Google. You must focus on Google before doing anything else.

It’s the best long-term investment you can do today. The best online marketers in every niche get tons of organic traffic.

I follow a simple three-step process to get traffic from Google:

1. Find low competition keywords

2. Create helpful content for my readers

3. Share my content on social media and get engagement

This is a simple three-step formula that works in every niche.

Here is how I break down my steps:


If you have completed the steps above, you have the affiliate platform account and a website already.

Also, you have access to Jaaxy, the keyword research tool for affiliate marketers.

The whole network in the affiliate platform community including I myself use Jaaxy to find low competition keywords in any niche. You just open the tool and search for any keyword that is relevant to your niche.

Jaaxy search

On this example, I will type “make money with Wealthy Affiliate” which is the keyword of this article. The metrics of the tools are explained when you create your account.

But in this example, I focus on the Avg and QSR.

Avg: The averages searches per month of a keyword.

QSR: The number of the competing websites ranked on Google for the exact keyword

To pick up low competition keywords, I want low QSR (under 300) and some traffic (over 50). For a new site, the QSR must be under 100. Also, the keyword must make sense.

My focus is on finding the lowest possible competition and not going for the high traffic keywords. When you have created a new website, you cannot get ranked for competitive keywords.

If you go for them, you will not get any traffic at all because you will not go to the first page of Google.

Instead of that, you can go for many low competition keywords. If you get ranked on the first page for 20 keywords and get 5 visitors per day on each one which is a realistic number, you get 100 visitors per day or 3000 visitors per month.

It’s super easy to use this keyword tool. They only thing you have to do is to type a keyword and then, check the metrics and alternatives ideas.

You can find enough keyword ideas that you can use on your website for years.


If you want to get any results, you must create helpful content. If you choose the keyword “make money with wealthy affiliate”, you must create an article that shows to your readers how to achieve that.

You will not get ranked for every keyword you target but as your site gets older, you will receive more traffic and better results.

It makes sense that you must include the keyword in your content. This is the SEO part of this business and it’s the easy part if you understand why it works. You can find it in the training of affiliate platform community.

Many affiliate marketers prefer to outsource their writing tasks or just hire other writers. You can do that or you can write by your own. It depends on what you want.



I talk about social media marketing and comments. The better your content is, the more shares and comments you will receive.

You can improve your writing skills through time but you need to create some social media accounts to share your posts when you publish them. You can choose the platforms you want to use. Even one account for Facebook or Instagram could be enough.

If you can spend more time on social media, it would be fine but the most focus must be on the content creation.


When you have traffic, you can start earning money. There are many ways to achieve that with a site:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Create your own product
  • Sponsored posts
  • and more

The easiest way to get started is by adding some affiliate links for relevant products in your niche. You can join a few affiliate programs and find these product links.

Make sure you recommend products or services that add value to your site and do not look only for the profit. You will earn more money in the long run if your readers trust your recommendations.



The next step is to keep finding low competition keywords (there are unlimited keywords), create helpful content and recommend useful products when they are relevant to your content.

Can you imagine your website in one year from now if you publish 2-3 posts per week and share them on social media?

It’s not a hard work. If you write 300-500 words per day on average would be more than enough in the beginning.

Soon, you will be able to get ranked for more competitive keywords.

When you will start getting traffic, you will start earning money. The more traffic you get, the more sales and commissions you will earn.

As I promised, the process is simple but it takes patience and determination.


Creating a website and adding content consistently is the best long-term investment you can do right now no matter what is your niche or your business.

Those who follow that strategy enjoy the benefits of this investment after a while.

However, you can use the platform I recommend to make money within a short time.

Yes, you can make your first commissions in a few weeks or even faster.

This affiliate community platform has hundreds of active members per day. It is the biggest community for online marketers. Members publish blog posts and new pieces of training every day.

As a result of this activity, it is an authority website that works well with the search engines.

If you publish any piece of content on this platform, you will see that it will be indexed in a very little time.

While you build your website, you can use the process below to publish content on the platform.

  • Do keyword research on Jaaxy
  • Find a few low competition keywords
  • Create content
  • Get ranked and make money

It is against the rules of this affiliate platform to share affiliate links inside the platform as a way to avoid the spammers, but when someone joins the site through your articles, he/she is your referral and you earn money when your referrals upgrade to premium from the free account.

So, if you create content relevant to affiliate marketing or the make money online niche, you can get referrals fast.

For every referral who upgrades to premium, you earn on average more than $100!


This is what I do to make money online. It can be described in a little more than 1500 words. There are no secrets or magic products.

It is a simple process that you can repeat as many times as you want. When your site gets older and earns authority, you will be able to target even more competitive keywords. There is a lot of potential on this strategy.

This is the process that all the successful members of our community apply. If you take action, you can get great results too.

I have been doing this business for almost two years and I have learned to target keywords and get ranked on the first page of Google very fast!

When I started with this platform, I just used the tools and went through the training. I built a site with a few clicks, followed the training to customize it, and then I used Jaaxy.

I still to do that process and really enjoy it. My keyword research takes a few minutes per week, and create content consistently based on my research.

The best part is that my readers love it and many of them have thanked me for helping them.

I am sure you want to see yourself in that position. Everyone can follow this strategy.

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I am an active reviewer and affiliate marketer as well since 2017. I started with no experience in any type of marketing or sales. It took me only a few months to learn how to get traffic and earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

This platform is an amazing training platform with success stories from many individuals. Let me show you how you can become an affiliate marketer and make money online.

Thank you for reading my blog, if you do have any questions about my blog, or you have any other questions relating to affiliate/internet marketing, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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