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How do Keywords Work? It’s Not So Confusing After all.

There has been much confusion about the “point” of using keywords on your website and I want to add some simplicity and some clarity to the term “keyword”.

First, what is a keyword?

A keyword is a word that someone types into a search engine (like Google). It is when they are looking for something. It could be absolutely anything.

For example, if someone was looking to redo the flooring in their house, they may search for something like this in Google.

Keyword Research - What an Example Search Could Look Like

When someone types in this search, Google provides them with what they deem as the most relevant and useful search results. These results are websites like the ones that you can create within Wealthy Affiliate.

How do you get ranked under keywords?

In a word, CONTENT.

Engaging, quality content…will lead you to getting rankings under keywords. As you move forward through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to see ongoing emphasis on keywords.

People often times think they need to create their content for search engines because that is where their websites get ranked, when in reality search engines are looking for quality, engaging content that focuses on the people reading that content.

A keyword is the most powerful thing an online marketer can understand as it is the premise of someone looking for help. If you can help someone, you can build a business doing so. Once you have a keyword, your next natural step is to create content targeting that keyword…in this case, I would target “how to remove laminate flooring” within my website content.

Also, if you understand the metrics of keywords (low competition, traffic volume) through keyword tools like, you are going to have a competitive advantage in any niche. Here is an example search using the same keyword, how to remove laminate flooring:

Screenshot 2014-05-13 13.19.15

As you can see, there is a variable called QSR. That is the TRUE # of competing pages you are up against in all of Google. Keywords under 300 QSR are quite easy to rank for and there are millions of these that become quite apparent as you perform keyword research using Jaaxy.

Important Note: When a website gets ranked on the 1st page in search engines, their relevant page comes up in the rankings and as a result, they will end up getting traffic from the “people” searching those keywords.

So Keywords = Traffic! Traffic = Opportunity!

And once you have traffic, you have the opportunity to make money from your website in MANY ways. You can do this through affiliate programs, you can do this through advertising, or you can do this through the building out of an “email” list.

One example for this particular example could be joining the Lumber Liquidators affiliate program, which pays 4% commission on all types of flooring.

Lumber Liquidators Affiliate Program

If I got ranked under the keyword “how to remove laminate flooring”, there is a good chance my traffic would be interested in purchasing new flooring. If I sent them to this website through the affiliate program, I would earn a 4% commission on each sale, average commission for me being $40-120.

Making content your first and foremost emphasis is priority though.

That is the emphasis first and foremost is creating your website, building out your content (targeting keywords), getting traffic and then earning money.

If you focus on the money initially, you will skip the important stuff that will lead you to actually making money so make the creating of quality content and targeting keywords your initial focus.

So PLEASE make sure when you are starting out a website that your focus is not initially on the making money part, you first have to get traffic before you can make money.

If you create quality content, search engines will find you.

Every page or post that you create on your website will target a keyword phrase. You should be targeting the “concept” of your content to a particular keyword. You should also be focusing on creating QUALITY content that helps your reader.

There was a day when people used to SPIN content and use automation tools to manufacture fake content that would “trick” Google and other search engines, but that is no longer relevant and actually will kill your website rankings (if you attempt to do this).

Google Search Results - How to Remove Laminate Flooring

Google tends to rank websites very well that do provide this quality reader experience and as time goes on, they are getting a better and better grasp of what constitutes quality, engaging content, and what should be ranked high in their search results.

Will I Rank for Every Keyword I target?

Absolutely not. Over the years, I have created content that has never ranked. That is fine.

Too many people get fixated on trying to rank under ONE keyword and they end up spending all their time and energy…yet never get ranked. They fail as a result. These very same people would have been much more successful if they had simply created more pages/posts on their website targeting more keywords. More content, targeting more keywords, equates to more rankings.

Any given keyword ranking is out of your control and by targeting MORE keywords and creating content more often, you are going to ensure your chances of getting ranked under many more keywords.

Got a Keyword Question?

Still, a little confused or do you have an aspect of keywords that you would like to discuss? Please leave a question or a comment below and I would be more than happy to discuss. ????

PS. If you want a competitive keyword advantage over your competition, you need to get your hands on Jaaxy for your keyword research. Seriously!

Thank you again for visiting our site, if you do have any questions about keywords or about building a niche business online to sell other people’s products on Amazon and any other platform like EBay or Walmart, please leave a note below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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  1. Jaaxy is a great tool but I know It’s a tool for both online and off so you are right to highlight that. It gives you the consumer insight that you really need to get into customers’ heads. I thought you illustrated how it can be used with real life examples which I really like. Great screenshots.

    It is always amazing that people sell a product because they want to rather than sorting out a client’s needs. How can I help you? This is a very unused question and is a key tool in understanding customer insights. Thanks for sharing this overview. I am a big fan of this tool.

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