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About John

I am John, your personal concierge through the wild west I have come to know as the Internet beside owning few restaurants.

I have been working for myself online for years now…it dates to some time back when I was going to college for Business Administration.  I spent all of my extra time (the little I had), learning how to use this Internet thing to earn money online.


Me, 11 years ago, just a dream…

I had no experience.

I had no help.

“But there is one thing I did have, a DREAM.”

I knew others were making money in the online world and I wanted it so bad to figure out how they were doing it.

I mean seriously, what could someone do that I couldn’t.  I am a hard worker and I see people all over the world and in magazines that have the same story as me.  I was just starting my story though…

Then I got to work.  This is what my next 6 months looked like online.

MONTH 1: Borrowed my girlfriends credit card with a $5/day budget to start a PPC campaign.  I made $70 (I think) gross, spent a ton of time, but didn’t quite end up turning a profit.

MONTH 2: About the same.  I knew it was going to work though.   When you have millions of people buying stuff online and 10,000’s of companies begging for people to help them promote their products, you have a business!!

MONTH 3-5: Figuring out the process.  I managed to start turning a profit.  I spent tireless hours building

MONTH 6: I hit the $10,000 in a month mark.   I was going to school each and every day knowing that I was making more money while I was a student than my professors teach my class.  That was a pretty cool feeling.

MONTH 12: I was nearing the full time mark.  I was making consistent revenue and I felt comfortable “going full time” at this online thing.   I haven’t looked back since!


Step forward 11 years later, I have seen it all.

I have experienced a lot within the online world…and I have had the luxury over the years to help 10,000’s of folks succeed online through Wealthy Affiliate, my social entrepreneur hangout.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership.  This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself.

I work hard, but I have a life that I control, I enjoy, and that I get to spend the way I want. In my spare time you will find me:

(1) Travelling (whenever I can!)
(2) Spending time with my family.
(3) Playing sports, primarily basketball. I am a huge Steve Nash fan.
(4) Exercising.
(5) Thumbing around my iPad reading the latest technology gossip.


That is my life.  Simple, but at the same time exciting.  I work from home each and every day and the entire goal of my site here is to help you do the same (and to avoid the truck loads of scams).

Your friend,

John J J



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