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Extra Income Ideas for Working parents

Extra Income Ideas for Working MomsYou guys requested for some extra income ideas for working parents, and I responded.

What could you do with earning some extra cash? Whether you need to have a girl’s night, pay off some bills, buy a new car or save for the family vacation; we could all do with some extra monthly income, right?

But, when you’re a parent, finding the time & energy to can seem impossible. Let’s be honest; especially being a mom is already a full-time job.
Balancing work and the day-to-day mom duties can be challenging & draining at the best of times. Luckily, I have come up will some awesome side hustle ideas for working moms.
Whether you’re a working mom, single parent, or stay-at-home mom, these extra income ideas are achievable and child friendly. That means they won’t interfere with your 1st job or your children’s routines.

Here are some ideas for moms to earn extra income from home:

1. Have opinions? Earn extra income by taking surveys.

Have opinions - Earn extra income by taking surveys

When you’re a working mom finding any spare time at all can be challenging. However, if you can find just a 15-minute-window, participating in surveys can be a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash.

Some survey sites will reward you with cash or gift cards; in exchange for your opinion and feedback. Survey sites won’t make you rich, but they will help you to make some extra side income.

You may have heard that online survey sites are a scam, and that’s because many of them are. But not all! That’s why I’ve many survey sites that I have discovered.

2. Start a blog

Start a Blog for Working Moms

Blogging is one of the best extra income ideas for working moms. That’s because you can work from home and choose the times you work.

Plus, once you have your blog up and running, you’ll start to earn recurring passive income. That means you can spend more time with your family.

Starting a blog is now easier than ever before. These resources I have written below will help you getting started:

3. Become a freelancer or virtual assistant.

Become a freelancer or virtual assistant

We all have a unique skill, talent, or background of expertise.

Maybe you’re good at writing or graphic design. Perhaps you’re great at organizing or communicating.

Whatever your skill may be, you can find many jobs online as a freelancer. You can even become a virtual assistant.

Freelance platforms such as Upwork make it super easy to find jobs, that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll also be able to set your own pay rate and schedule; which makes it an ideal side hustle for working moms.

Another popular site is, where people will pay you a small fee (starting from $5) to complete a quick and simple task.

This could be to design a poster, proofread a blog post, or review a product. You post the jobs you want to complete and the fee you want to charge.

4. Make money with affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing where you earn a commission for promoting someone else’s product or service. That’s right, you don’t need a hold any stock, or handle any customer service issues. You simply cash your cheques.

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite side-hustle ideas for working mom. It’s quick & simple to set up; and easy to maintain. It requires not much capital getting started and you can work on it whenever you choose.

In some cases, you can create a completely passive income business; that will generate money every month – Perfect for busy moms who want to make some extra income.


This FREE 7-day course will teach you everything you need to know about starting your own successful affiliate marketing profit cycle.

5. Buy and sell things to make some extra cash.

There are tons of things you can sell online to make some extra money; and, with sites such as Gumtree & eBay, it’s never been easier.

First, take a look around your home for hidden treasures that you can sell to generate some cash. Look for things such as; old books, old cell phones, clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Once you’ve made some money, invest the profits into buying things you can sell for a markup price.

Shop around at antic shops, thrift stores, and yard sales for hidden gems that you can sell to make a nice profit. This can also double as a fun day out with your kids; you can even involve them in the hunt.

Once you have found some hidden gems, list them online, and wait for someone to buy. This fun & relaxed business is the perfect side hustle idea for a mom who needs some extra cash.

6. Become a professional or mystery shopper.

Become a professional or mystery shopper

From grocery shopping to kids clothes, shopping is an activity that every mom will do the least once a week (if not daily); and it’s probably something you’re good at.

Why not turn your shopping skills into an opportunity to make some extra income?

With sites such as Instacart & Shipt, you can get paid to shop! With flexible schedules available, it’s an excellent way for working moms to boost their income.

Another idea is to become a mystery shopper.

Yes, companies will pay you cash to be a covert shopper. Not only will you be paid, but you’ll also be reimbursed for your purchases. So, freebies!

7. Rent out your space for extra income.

Rent out your space for extra income

Do you have a spare room? If you do, you could quickly generate some extra income by listing your room on sites such as Airbnb.

This requires minimal effort and hardly requires your attention. Perfect for busy moms.

Don’t have a spare room? What about a parking space? If you live in a busy neighborhood, you can also earn money by renting out your parking space or car garage.

8. Make money babysitting.

Make money babysitting

Babysitting during the evenings and weekends may be your ideal a way to make some extra cash. You’ll already be watching your kids, so why not add another child? You won’t even need to leave your home.

Not only is this job an excellent way to earn some extra income, but your kids will also enjoy the extra company. Win-win!

The best way to find babysitting jobs is through word-of-mouth. Let all your friends and family know that you’re available; as well as the moms at school.

Also, post an advert on social media and craigslist. You only need a couple of regular clients for this to become a lucrative side hustle.

Want to increase your income further? What about extending your babysitting duties to pet sitting?. Many families will pay you to watch their dogs, while they are away on vacation.

9. Are you good at crafts? Make and sell things.

Are you good at crafts - Make and sell things

If you’re good at making crafts, art, jewelry, or clothes, then this could be the perfect side hustle for you to generate some extra money.

With online platforms like Shopify & Etsy, you can create a beautiful online store within minutes (and they’re super easy to use).

Etsy makes it quick and effortless for you to sell your own products. There are even services to help you package and ship the products too.

If art & crafts aren’t your things, what about baking? You could bake cupcakes and other delicious foods within your spare and sell them to your friends and family.

Whatever you decide, making and selling is a great side-hustle for working moms.

You can work and create at your own pace (perfect for busy mom), plus you’ll have fun in the process. You could even make this a fun bonding hobby by including your kids in all the making & baking.

10. Clean houses & offices for extra income.

Clean houses & offices for extra income

Okay, so cleaning houses and offices may not be the most glamorous job; however, it can be a good source of extra income for working moms.

It’s usually a quick job and can do it on a schedule that fits you. This means you can complete your cleaning when the kids or at school or in bed; and it won’t interfere with your other work.

Look out for cleaning jobs in the local newspapers and on sites like craigslist. One job a week can easily cover the cost of grocery shopping for your entire family.

11. Have a passion for beauty? Start your own salon from home.

hairdresser - Have a passion for beauty - Start your own salon from home

Do you have a passion for hairdressing? Or, what about nail design? Perhaps eyelash treatment is more your thing.

Everyone loves to look beautiful; which is why starting a beauty salon may be a great side hustle for you.

With a beauty salon, you can work from home (or choose to be mobile), and you can schedule your clients at a time that suits you.

Training getting started in inexpensive and you’ll make back the investment with your first few clients.

You can use social media and craigslist to advertise your services. And, if you do a good job, word-of-mouth will soon spread.

Extra Income For Moms FAQ

I hope you found the above side hustle ideas for working moms helpful. I get a lot of questions from moms who want to earn extra income; which inspired me to write this post.

However, I understand that everyone’s situation is different. If you have a different question relating to this topic, comment below and I’ll add the answer as soon as a can. For now, here are a few frequently asked questions:

I’m a single mom who needs money fast. What do I do?

First things first, it’s essential to establish how much you need to make, and what your reasons for needing it.

If you’re in debt or great financial difficulty, I would first seek professional advice. There are also organizations that can help you to manage your finances.

If you’re a single mom who needs to make money fast for, let’s say, a vacation, birthdays presents or to cover unexpected bills; then I would suggest the following:

  1. See if you can find items (that you don’t use) around the home that you can sell. Selling old belongings on gumtree & eBay is always a quick & easy way to make some cash.
  2. Consider finding a second job such as cleaning or babysitting during the evenings and weekend. These jobs are usually easy to find, don’t require long interview processes, and they pay quickly (if not instantly).
  3. It may sound crazy, but one of the easiest ways to make money fast is to save money.

I work full-time but need more money. What do I do?

When you’re a mom and you work full-time, you’re practically already working two full-time jobs. Finding the time and energy for a third job can seem near impossible.

My solution would be to find ways to increase your income, that require the least effort & time.

Firstly, try asking your boss for a raise. You’ll be surprised how many times simply asking for a raise can actually work.

It may seem too obvious, and you may think it’s a waste of time, but the worst thing they can say is no. But, if it’s a ‘yes,’ you just increased your monthly income, without changing a thing.

You should also look into passive income ideas such as affiliate marking and blogging. They do require time and effort getting things going; however, over time, they can be a great source of income, with minimal maintenance.

Use your work-leave to set up a passive income business. You may have to sacrifice one vacation, but you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

What’re the best second jobs for single moms?

When you’re a single mother, things can be difficult and expensive. The best jobs for single moms are one which involves the kids. Not only is it fun to include them, it means you won’t need anyone to watch them while you’re working.

In my opinion, here are the best jobs for single moms:

  • Make and sell things. You can work from home, and on a schedule that suits you and your children. Plus, you can involve your kids.
  • Cleaning is a quick job that pays well. It can usually be done during the evenings or when your kids are at school; which means you won’t have to sacrifice family time.
  • Babysitting – As you’re already watching your own kids, this is the job that will make the most sense for single moms.
  • Dog walking – While you’re taking your children to the park, you could earn some extra income by walking the dogs.

Thank you for reading this article; If you have any question please leave it below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Additionally, if you are a currently working from home, and would like to share your working from home experience, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. I think your website is really interesting and all of those ideas can work, I know people who have done them. I personally found the mystery shopper thing quite a drama to get signed up for and now they won’t leave me alone!

     I like the idea of blogging because I come from a storytelling background and I believe everyone has a story to tell that can motivate , inspire and get people feeling connected.I notice you promote wealthy affiliate which I have experience of and would say that is a great way to get blogging and earn if that is your choice.

    I recently met someone who blogs about walking in their local park and that is all they do but people love it and it gets lots of comments and interest.

    I will leave the cleaning idea though. I have enough trouble cleaning my own apartment. Thanks for a great read and very practical advice.

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