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Best Luxury Watches for Women – Top Most Stylish watch for 2020


These days, nearly every woman seems to have a smartphone permanently attached to her hand, and all she has to do to tell the time is take a quick glance at the digital clock in the corner of the phone’s display.

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That hasn’t diminished the importance and appeal of a fine luxury watch. A high-end watch is the perfect way for a woman to complement her outfit, adding elegance, class and style to her overall appearance.

Many believe that a watch conveys a woman’s personality in a way no other accessory can, while at the same time accenting her femininity and beauty. Lovely, minimalist watches and large, ornate ones are each able to make a distinct fashion statement – depending on the woman’s personal style and look.

Groom+Style include both types of timepieces and some that fall in between the two extremes, in our list of the top best luxury watches for women.

Characteristics of Luxury Watches for Women (and Men)

Accuracy in a watch that costs thousands of dollars is critical, of course, but it’s also pretty much guaranteed because these timepieces are produced by the world’s finest watchmakers. For that reason, the characteristics to look for when choosing a women’s luxury watch primarily involve appearance, functionality, and prestige.

  • Brand
  • Construction quality
  • Features
  • Style
  • Price

As you check out this list, you’ll notice that the prices of these luxury watches for women correlate most closely with brand name and design features, particularly for timepieces with exceptional complications or exceptional beauty. Any of these ten watches, though, will be a stunning addition to your collection.

For now, forget the time and immerse yourself in the world of luxury, class and high-end fashion; as the Groom+Style team takes you through their list of the top 10 best luxury watches for women.

Whether you want a timeless and understated look or you want to make a statement, there are plenty of watches to choose from — and that’s where the challenge arises.

There is an overwhelming number of women’s watches to choose from in terms of both style and brand. We realize time is of the essence (both literally and figuratively) so we’ve scoured the reviews and done the research for you to find five different watches that look good, but won’t have you maxing out your credit card.

All our picks for this guide come in at $500 or less, but even though they’re more budget-friendly, you won’t be sacrificing quality with any of these watches.

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