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Hello! welcome to the digital marketing world of Affiliate marketers!

My name is John and I created this website with one main goal in mind, to help people of all backgrounds find financial and personal independence and freedom. I’m nothing special, a dad of three, and taking it easy.

Part of my personality is that I require a challenge and the stimulation that it brings. Not to say that raising children is not a challenge. It’s one of the hardest and yet most rewarding of all endeavors.

However, I’ve always had a deep desire to learn more, be and do more. I want more out of life. In fact, I want to leave a solid legacy behind that touches thousands of people’s lives positively and the internet makes that possible. I want to make a difference somehow. You know what I mean?

My future wife and I are entrepreneurs. As I delved deeper into online marketing, I quickly came to realize the enormous potential that lay before me through affiliate marketing. One of our fellow entrepreneur burned few hundred dollars as a mark of past financial struggle.

No One Is Born As An Expert In Anything

Experts are the result of hours, weeks, months and years of trial and error. We all start at square one. No exceptions! Starting your online business or any type of endeavor is often overwhelming at first. But I think of it this way, the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Like taking a whole new career change, I focus on getting to the end result.

Every time I first walked into college for another course in the past, I forget the past and almost immediately begin to envision the last day of the course. I have a vivid imagination.

Then I work backward and I know what has to be done to get it to that point. That’s pretty much, how I approach every new project including growing my online business. My focus is on getting to where I envisioned it from the start to the ending result.

Building a passive income stream online isn’t any different. You have to tackle it one step at a time. Show up every day and take another step forward. You must start from the ground up.

The first step typically involves education. Hey, you don’t know, what you don’t know! I’ve worked as an entrepreneur, together with my significant other, since 2011. But setting up an online business is a whole different area than working anything else for any matter.

It’s not a race. It’s a process.

Listen up, if you’re going to take on this challenge, you must be teachable. You must approach it with the completely open mind, forget what you think you know, and be willing to start from square one.

If you’ve tried to build an online business before but didn’t get very far, you’re in the right place. Don’t give up! You can resurrect it or you may decide to start new.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they can do it alone, find what they need through Google. At best, you’ll have a Swiss cheese level of understanding. That is, your foundation knowledge and know-how will be riddled with holes and incomplete.

It’s A Marathon…Not A Sprint

Let me tell you, there are plenty of sharks out there in the sea of the internet ready and willing to take advantage of you. They will appeal to your greed, tell you it’s easy money and lures you with big get-rich-quick schemes, take your money and come up short on delivery. They leave a large wake behind them full of broken dreams. So sad!

However, if you’re willing to be patient with yourself. Take it one step at a time, one bite at a time, towards building a solid foundation from which your online business can take root and grow, grow, grow, then you’re in the right place.

After trying a few popular programs, I found a well-established training program that totally fits the bill for me. They’ve been around since 2005 and have a solid track record. Get your business rolling with this # 1 Free Online Entrepreneur/Affiliate Training Program Here

I really liked that the program progressed at my pace, I was in control. Some things were a bit basic for me but I went through it anyway because there was often a valuable piece of information or explanation about something that I hadn’t known or understood before.

They led me step-by-step to set up my first online affiliate website, learning and applying every step of the way including SEO practices that I was unaware of. I thank God for this program, it was if it was tailor-made for me.

Here’s What I Used To Go From Nothing To Amazing

The online business builder I used, and am still using to build my online businesses, is carefully organized with bite-size step-by-step how to’s, videos, daily task checklist as you move through each lesson. It’s an all-in-one place system.

As you move through the program you’ll build your first website, learn about using SEO to get it ranked on Google, build in content, e-commerce, very cool resources and so much more designed to give you a big leg up.

online business builder

Expect a lot of “Aha!” moments. If your anything like me, no sooner would I experience one of those moments that I’d stop where I was and immediately try to implement it.

Then when I ran into a problem, I’d have to go back and pick up where I left off to get the full picture. I could have saved myself thousands of hours of frustration, to say the least! So avoid the temptation of jumping ship.

There’s also a 24/7 forum of other entrepreneurs from which you can ask unlimited questions. Some have been there for over seven years and built many online businesses churning out steady passive income. Take full advantage of this! The forum is made up of newbies, intermediates, and experts from all around the world.

So there’s always someone online! This is the very training and it’s how I got started. Having gone through the training personally, I’m a big believer. In fact, one of my daughter’s is now going through the program as well.

Anyway, it was a friend who pointed me to it. I prefer a structured, step one, step two type of program. I did have some basic knowledge of online marketing. So I had some intermediate knowledge of some things related to the online market but as I went through the program myself I quickly came to realize there was a lot of what I didn’t know.

Why I Can Confidently Recommend

Having spent money on other programs that fell short, I was worried about signing up for another but the founders, Kyle and Carson, make it easy to start for free. They give you access to nearly everything, with no time limits, so you can get a really good feel for it all and start building a new website right away.

There are two different training programs. One is for those who already have their own product they want to promote and the Boot-camp training is for those of us who want to delve into affiliate marketing.

There’s no limit or end to what you will learn! The two founders are active on the site every day. Kyle is the first one you’ll meet. He handles a lot of the upfront communication and foundation training. Carson handles more of the technical side of things.

You’ll get to know them better as you progress through the training. They started back in 2005 and have been going strong since. So, not at all a fly-by-night internet marketing business.

Another really good sign about these guys is that they fully put themselves out there for anyone to see. No smoke and mirrors. They are very accessible and really good at replying in the forum and through email. I also really like that they are constantly improving and adding more training, website enhancements, plug-ins, videos, content, etc.

Here’s My Take

My own online business continues to grow exponentially. Every time I think back at what I didn’t know and how I struggled to start an online business, it’s so obvious to me now.

Now that I’ve got things chugging along, I no longer worry about the highs and lows of other side of things because I’ve added another steady stream of income to our finances. Boy, that feels good! In fact, it feels amazing to wake up and see that my revenue has grown overnight every night. I sincerely want you to feel that rush too!

I see a lot of videos out there where guys say they are making $900,000 a week. Although I’ll admit the beauty of an online business is the unlimited potential. So, do these guys make that much? Maybe….maybe not.

They’ve probably set up a whole slew of different websites and each one focusing on a particular niche. That takes a lot of time. It definitely didn’t happen overnight and it certainly took them more than three years or more to get to that point. That’s where I take issue with some of those guys. They say that you can get to where they are practically overnight with little effort.

When I first started, I set small goals. My first goal was to make $100 a week, then when I hit that, I raised it to $200 and so on. It builds real slow at first, so be patient. But once you get that momentum going, boy, it really accelerates from there.

Reminds me of a train, it takes some time to build up momentum but it’s smooth sailing from there provided you don’t apply the brakes. My last piece of advice to you is to keep feeding and nurturing your online business daily. Neglect it at your own peril!

Well, I hope this gave you some insight into who I am and my why. If you take anything away, I hope that it’s the encouragement to take a chance on yourself and start your own journey into the world affiliate marketing.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, if you do have any questions about the content, or you have any other questions relating to affiliate/internet marketing, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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