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Is Aversity Gold Masterclass Worth It? Sean Bagheri Course Review

Aversity Gold Masterclass Review

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model where you can make money selling other peoples products.

Sean Bagheri is a successful affiliate that developed a online course called Aversity Gold Masterclass that teaches affiliate marketing.

Thanks to the affiliate program that Sean incorporated with his course there are a ton of people online doing reviews and promoting it to earn commissions.

So its hard to figure out if its worth buying or not?

Well I took a look at it and now you can get the inside scoop here!

Check out my review here.

Let’s get started ……


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Aversity Affiliate Review – Who Is Sean Bagheri

Sean Bagheri Founder Of Aversity

When I first came across Sean Bagheri a couple years ago giving advice about affiliate marketing he seemed genuine and really interested in helping people.

So I did a little research to find out who this guy was.

Apparently he started out promoting products from the digital marketplace Clickbank.

He did fairly well earning a couple million dollars.

As with most successful affiliates he decided to teach others how to follow in his footsteps by creating training.

Sean has created a number of different courses that teach everything from affiliate marketing to investing in cryptocurrency.

I guess you can say he is an opportunist.

But for this review I will be going over his Gold Masterclass course.


What Is Included In The Aversity Gold Masterclass Course & What Does It Cost

Sean says “affiliate marketing is the easiest and most profitable online business”.

This in my opinion is only partially true.

Its definitely easy to get started but a large majority of people will ultimately fail.

The reason is that because it is so easy to get started the competition is fierce due to the low cost barrier of entry.

You can become an affiliate with just a website and some content.

Without the right training though you will be spinning your wheels trying to figure all the little pieces to the puzzle.

This is the reason that Sean developed his Aversity Gold Masterclass Course.

You get the:

  • System
  • Tools
  • Education
  • Mentor-ship

Sean’s course is broken down into a series of modules plus some bonus modules.

  • Module 1: Introduction To The Course
  • Module 2: Free Funnel Report
  • Module 3: Presell Content
  • Module 4: Creating Your Website
  • Module 5: Free Traffic
  • Module 6: Paid Traffic
  • Module 7: Gold Elite Training
  • Module 8: Video Presell Funnel
  • Module 9: Campaign Conversion Optimization
  • Module 10: Taking Your YouTube Campaign To The Next Level
  • Module 11: Launch Style Promotion Strategy
  • Module 12: Course Updates
  • Module 13: Webinars & Strategy Sessions

Plus you get your bonus modules including:

  • Home Business Bootcamp
  • YouTube Advertising Domination
  • 7 Touch Funnel Strategy

So as you can see it looks like a well rounded course that covers everything that a newbie would need to learn affiliate marketing.

Whats great about Sean’s course is that all the modules are done in videos so there is no tedious reading to do.

How Much Does Aversity Gold Masterclass Cost

When I first came across this course I noticed that the price was only $297!

That’s actually a pretty good deal.

But in order to take full advantage of the course your going to need additional money especially if you plan to use paid advertising.

Whenever you run across an affiliate marketing training program that offers both free and paid advertising methods its best to learn both.

Free methods allow you to build a solid foundation while paid ads allow you to scale your business fast.

As stated before there is mentoring with coaches so that if you run into problems or need guidance at least you have options.

Just be aware that the cost of the course at $297 doesn’t include the coaching.

Coaching will be an additional charge.



Another thing to consider is that there is a fairly active forum with members helping each other out.

Aversity Forum

Its good to see members networking and going over what they are doing to grow their online business.

Some of the topics that get discussed are:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ad Networks
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Copywriting

The best part about the forum is that you will find Sean in there answering everyone’s questions.

So you know that he has his members best interest in mind and wants to see them succeed.


Should I Get This Course

Your probably wondering if this course is for you and will it really teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing?

I will say without a doubt if you put in the effort and follow what Sean teaches results will follow.

The problem is that even though this is a well rounded course with a lot of training and support most people will have unrealistic expectations.

Remember your building an online business.

Don’t plan to buy Aversity Gold Masterclass if your going to treat it like a hobby.

Its takes patience and consistent effort.

But the payoff will be you working out of the comfort of your home running your own online business.


Success Stories

I spent some time on the forum because I wanted to find success stories of Aversity Gold Masterclass students.

They often post to give others inspiration.

Here are a couple examples that I thought that you be interested in seeing.

David Gets His First Sale

David Used Aversity Course To Get First Commission

Ryan’s Making Money

Ryans Made Money With The Course

Its good to see people having success and it shows that Sean knows what he is doing when it comes to affiliate marketing.


Aversity Gold Masterclass Affiliate Program

Not only do you get to learn the ropes when it comes to affiliate marketing but you will also get the opportunity to promote Sean’s course.

He has set up an affiliate program where you can earn commissions just by referring others to the training.

As an affiliate you can earn lifetime commission which means that anything that your referral buys over the years you get paid for.

This goes for any of the classes in the Aversity library and future ones that are added.

According to Sean many of the members buy multiple courses to learn different things and they spend an average of about $3000.

This means that as an affiliate of Gold Masterclass you have the potential of earning $1000’s of dollars.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to learning how to do affiliate marketing there are a lot of courses out there to choose from.

You can find out here:  Aversity Gold masterclass.

Sean Bagheri put together a well rounded course with Aversity Gold Masterclass that will help any newbie get off to the right start.

After looking it over I can say that it definitely worth it.


Leave a comment below with your opinion or experience with Aversity Gold Masterclass!


Yours, success

John J J





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