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I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop as per some updates that are going to be taking place on the Affiliate Boot-camp side of things. In fact, you have a lot to look forward to!

Wealthy Affiliate launched the first Boot Camp in 2013. It has been a very popular training platform and although very limited number of people use it compared to the number of total members here at WA, it has been a huge success for those taking part in this training. continues to evolve though. The community here evolves. The Internet evolves. The current Affiliate Boot-camp and the practices and procedures are still very much relevant, but there are some things that need to be updated. In particular the many new interfaces and platforms within WA that have changed or been added since the initial roll out of boot camp.

I am also going to be outlining the changes that has taken place and the underlying reasons as to why.

Reason #1: Brand New Platforms, More User friendly Up Running.

As we have discussed in past posts, we have a lot on the go behind the scenes. Every one of the projects we worked on has already come to fruition as early as late 2019, but we have many more exciting roll outs that are going to be taking place in the year ahead.

These projects are significant platforms and systems here at WA that we will want to integrate into the training and that you are going to be able to leverage to build your business with more efficiency. Because of this, new training has to come and we are constantly coming out with new training and updating existing training, a full “refresh” is in order.

Reason #2: New Interfaces, New Design.

There are many moving parts when it comes to training, we are contending with constant updates taking place here at our Wealthy Affiliate training through, new designs and interfaces…right down to the way our training and menu structuring itself works.

We are also constantly dealing with updates taking place in terms of Wordless design, plugin designs, sites coming into existences and going out of existence (sun setting), Google and other search engines making UI changes…it can be a bit of a nightmare managing for this.

Because of this, some training needs to be updated to represent these more recent interface and design changes.

Reason #3: MANY New Ways to Market.

2018-2019 have been very busy years for us at Wealthy Affiliate marketing training in terms of platform improvements, evolution and innovation and 2020 will be a lot more of the same.

There have never been more angles in which you can promote Wealthy Affiliate, in fact there are 100’s of directions that you can go building out a full time business within this space, primarily through the promotion of wealthy affiliate through

We will be covering these within Boot camp 2.0.

Reason #4: Revelation of MILLIONS of New Keywords.

As WA evolves, so do the abundance of opportunities you have as an affiliate to market. There are literally 100’s of different marketing angles that are taking shape as time goes on.

Once just a “keyword list” site, Wealthy Affiliate has become an all-inclusive platform that you can leverage to create, grow, and manage a business online. It is a platform used by a wide range of businesses, for a variety of reasons and you can leverage all of these angles independently.

For example…

  • People looking for a website builder…or hosting, or word press help…or how to build content…or plugins/theme support… can ALL benefit from WA.
  • People looking to become a local marketer or looking for help with local marketing, boom WA is the only place you need to be.
  • People looking for domains with privacy, Free SSL. Etc.
  • People looking for keywords and looking to understand how keyword research works.
  • People looking for niches? People looking for affiliate programs?
  • Freelancers looking to create a business online using their skills? Freelancers looking for new gigs?
  • And MANY more…

I could go on and on here, but as our new platforms are rolled out and as we establish our technology as the best of the best across many verticals, you can promote it with absolute confidence in these spaces and it will give you entire new industries and niches to operate within, with your SAME boot camp website (many people have actually started to build out several sites targeting different aspects of this business).

The keywords are endless.

There are millions of low competition keywords out there. You just have to look in front of your nose and realize everything that is offered to folks here at WA, then build outwards from there with these campaigns. This is going to be discussed in detail within the new Boot-camp.

Reason #5: More Super Affiliates Than Ever.

Our goal is to create more successful affiliates, across ALL industries with Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform,

Our goal with Boot camp is in parallel with this, hoping to help many newcomers achieve Vegas status in 2021. I have a strong intuition that this is going to be our biggest group in Las Vegas this year, and our most motivated group.

As time goes on, Wealthy Affiliate gets easier to promote. Not only have we kept the price point the same for the past 12 years (making it BY FAR the most cost-efficient platform in the industry), we continue to invest millions annually into the platform, the technology, and ultimately into YOU to make your life as a marketer and online business owner a much more seamless and efficient one.

With time, conversions continue to grow as a result of our focus on the quality of our service (and of course all of you awesome folks within the community). With time, more and more people are sticking around for much longer. With time, more people are succeeding and doing so at a much higher rate. This is a result of the services provided and the bridging of any remaining technology gaps between technology and building a business online.

This should be incredibly exciting for you as an affiliate! It was more difficult to achieve 300 sales just last year than it is now. Time is naturally going to lead to much more success and you can absolutely become a Super Affiliate in 2020, 2021 and every subsequent year moving forward. Boot camp is going to help you with this.

There are 3.75 BILLION people online, all of whom can benefit from our platform.

In addition to this, there are going to be new phases rolled out within the Online Entrepreneur Certification (along with a constant refresh to the training) which will rolled out alongside Boot camp.


Any requests in the next phase of boot camp? It is definitely on too late to offer your feedback, please leave your comments and feedback below.

To Your success

John J J



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