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Hi there, welcome to myclicklabacademy.com. This site was created as a review platform for both online and offline careers. Having a career skill set either online or offline has been a passion of many including myself who wanted to acquire an online career skill set for number of years but did not achieve it until three February 2018. I personally have purchased numerous products from the internet to improve my online career skill sets; however, most of the programs I purchase didn’t work to my advantage and took thousands of dollars from me in vein. Hence, I founded this site as an awareness education platform that will not only free friends and family members from financial losses due to scams, but also many other thousands  people like you world wide to keep if not thousands but hundreds of dollars from illegitimate programs or scams. My job as an online and offline career reviewer, is to identify the illegitimate online programs out there, expose them and recommend the better ones like the one below.

If you are looking for an online program to learn how to work from home, you can start now by click here: register by creating your free starter membership here. This is my number one recommendation program where I have refer many others like yourself to learn click by click from one-on-one mentors that offer help each and every day for people in a 24/7 active community platform of online marketers world wide.

Being a migrant to Canada with little education and having English as a second language meaning no opportunities for financial break through. However, despite having no post secondary education, I oftentimes was looking for ways to financial well-being beside working regular 9-5 job. This came to reality in form of spending hours searching for answers until I found this awesome community of like minded individuals. One day I came into contact with a mentor during searches who became a helper that held my hand and lead to successful online career, hence making me a career reviewer.

How I want to give back.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about online marketing, and online skill set. The skill set I have learned resulted to earning a living online that freed my family and I financially with help of just a computer and internet from comfort of my bedroom. Ever since I developed this skill sets, I have always wanted to help others gain some insights of many of these skill sets. I want to prevent others from falling into scams and refer them to the most updated programs with current tips and techniques that real pros are using these days in any career online.

Little Story About My Technical Back Ground In Computers and Electronics In general.

Growing up, I was not around computers or electronics of any kind. Migrating to Canada from East Africa Kenya for the first time in 2009, I couldn’t even turn a microwave on.  The internet marketing career is where knowledge in computer and internet somehow matters; hence, I always felt I had to work a little harder and did whatever it took to learn as much to free myself and my family financially.

As you all know, everyone is in competition with one another trying to get ahead in life and at the same time, most of us want to serve and help others succeed in life as well.

So how you perform and how your skill set is critical?

I used to literally spend hours in basement learning every course one after the other practicing click by click, and this was how the website, myclicklabacademy.com was born. Furthermore, I could watch any YouTube video talking about online careers and many other sources  getting skill set I dearly need for internet marketing to earn money from home. I followed a lot of gurus that could not show me any thing until I found a mentor that showed up into my life like an angel from Heaven who made me to who I am today.

I also spent a lot of hours watching motivational speakers to keep me forward in pursuing my dream. I bought many programs that teaches internet marketing and many other self development materials from videos, books and so on. I would also spend hours working on writing and reading skills in English Language. I bought just about every product manual to learn English while practicing to speak with the Canadian I could find in stores, parks and appointments. My African education back ground was going to limit my over all success, but that did not stop me from achieving a heart felt desire especially after following few successful people online in Canada and also in United States. They kept reminding me that anything can be accomplished through good work ethics and dedication. My hard work and dedication truly paid off and lead me to online career success.


I started My Click Lab Academy in my basement to help new career starters weather online or offline find the right place to learn before making wrong decision. Unlike many others, you don’t have to get into programs that do not produce results. My vision is to always refer the right people like you to the latest updated career training and techniques used online and offline today in order to help career beginners succeed both online and offline right from the starting point.

When I was growing up as a child, I faced a lot of challenges of self-worth and confidence. I use my past survival daily as a way to motivate myself succeed in my career online. Drawing on experience of past connection with people I worked with and immersing myself deeply into business community and studying those who are experiencing positive results has always been my strongest strength.


With no doubt, more fast way to achieve success is first to help others succeed. Yet, there seems to be a belief in business world that, the only way to get ahead is only to watch out for ‘number one’. That is simply not true. Brian Tracy explained it is best when he said, “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?'” The fact is that our greatest successes in life often comes through helping others succeed, and without question, when you focus on helping others succeed, your payoff will always be far greater than your investment.

The Goal of My  Click Lab Academy

The goal of Click Lab Academy is to connect online and offline career starters directly to the best cost effective programs with result driven up to date testimonials out in the market place.

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