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St. John’s, NL – 5 August 2019 Higher wages are needed. Work is good but under paid to Marine industry. Benefits are good but could still be better. Advancements are possible if you are interested in move up in your job. Pros Jobs and work security and advancement is possible if interested. Cons: Salary is too low.

ConfidentialDeckhand/Leading Seaman/Rescue Specialist

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– Confidential – 16 July 2018A typical day at work Confidential.

What I learn Confidential.

Management Confidential.

Workplace culture Confidential.

The hardest part of the job Confidential.

The most enjoyable part of the job Confidential.

Satisfying, great team work, high intensity, exciting and always growing Leading Seaman / Rescue Specialist (Former Employee) – French Creek, BC – 15 March 2017A typical day at work would be maintenance of equipment, crew gathering to prep for daily routines, training routines either out on the ocean or in station, review of any calls for the night before. Respond to any calls throughout the day. Turn to pagers after 4pm till returning to station at 8am the next morning.

Pros: Continual learning and always work to be done.

Cons dangerous: Inconsistent work offered for casuals.

A fun ship to work on board Able Seaman Seaman / Deckhand / Quartermaster

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Victoria, BC – 4 May 2012 When I was working for the Canadian Coast Guard I was working as an able seaman deckhand quartermaster on board three ships. The typical days work was handling the mooring lines departure,and arrival to Victoria after sea duty. I learned how to steer the ship on course on the ships bridge. I worked well with the ships captain, and his fellow bridge deck officers on watch. I worked well with all the co-workers deckhands. The hardest part of the job was to respect the heavy seas on the Weather Station Papa, and the most enjoyable part of the job was doing all the exterior deck work, helping the oceanographers lower their equipment from the ships deck to the ocean floor for ocean water temperatures at different depths, and do my watch on the bridge as look out, standby,and steering the ship, and keeping in contact with the deck officer on watch to let him know on what other ships that I sighted on the radar screens, and by sight from the flight deck inboard the starred of the ship


Good working conditions

Cons: Working split shifts

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